Friday, 25 June 2010


If any of you lovely bloggers are within spitting distance of Peterborough on Friday 23rd July about 11.00 am, perhaps you would like to meet up for coffee, (and hopefully a cake), we do need to keep our strength up!

 I have been thinking of doing this for some time and now is as good as any. If you are interested please leave me a comment on this post and I will get back to you with the details.

I do hope a few of you can make it.

( image by doceopterix on Photobucket)

It would be so lovely to put faces to the wonderful blogs that we read, and chat about the great things you do! We're not standing on ceremony here, no panic about what to wear, you as comfortable as you like so that you can relax and enjoy it!

(image from photobucket)

I'll be wearing the pink ones!!

So come on girls sign up...I'd really like to meet you.


Jenny xx

PS Will be back at the weekend (Saturday) to post about the Pay it Forward kindness giveaway, so if you've tried to sign up with someone else and just missed out here's another opportunity to join in.


  1. Sounds like fun! Too bad I'm all the way over here in Canada... Maybe next time!

  2. What a lovely idea and I'm only sorry I don't live near enough to join you. Do let us know how you get on and maybe we could do something similar in our own necks of the woods. Great idea!


  3. What a fantastic idea... if only I lived closer... I just took a look at train times and I would have to change 3 times and it would take many hours to get to you... I am sure many will join you though...

    love that tea cosy by the way...

    x Alex

  4. That sounds a great idea and one I'd consider if we hadn't got other plans that weekend.

    Am sure you'll get several takers - know there is a clump of bloggers around that area.

  5. So sorry can't make Peterborough, but PLEASE SEND THE CAKE!!!

  6. Sorry I cant make this as I will be camping - Can't wait to see how you go on. xxxxx

  7. lovely idea, great pics, thanks for the invite but I'm too far away sorry. Please take loads of pics to share with us & have fun :)

  8. I'm in Norfolk and would love to come.I have never been to Peterborough.

  9. Looking forward to it very much Jenny...x

  10. Me again... thank you for pointing me in the direction of Marigold Jam... what a lovely blog... puts me to shame though... I have lived here all my life and she has visited some places that I haven't even been to... lol
    I will have to remedy that! ;D

    big hugs Alex

  11. Would you believe I'm coming over that way the week before to stay with a friend who lives near Crowland - if the visit had been a week later I certainly would have joined you. Hope all that do get there have a wonderful time:)

  12. I'd like to come too!
    Jille x

  13. I am in spitting distance and would love to come but sadly I am working untill 1pm that day :(

  14. There is a distinct possibility that I can make it. Great idea.

  15. I just found your blog Jenny & it's tremendous. I've had the good fortune of meeting two bloggers in person & they didn't let me down. They were just as nice as they were online. Some day soon I hope I can meet up. I'd love to do the 'pay it forward' idea, (quite fun), but we are in the process of preparing to put our house on the market & my life is upside down. Have a lovely summers Sunday.

    Cheers ~

  16. What a lovely idea, a ittle bit too far for me and the kids are off school. Hope it goes well xx

  17. Hi Jenny!
    I would love to meet up! Emma let me know you were interested....would be fab!
    Let me know the details....

    Karen x x x

  18. Oh what a shame!!! I will be at work that day : ( I ONLY LIVE IN NORTHAMPTONSHIRE!!
    Have a lovely time, and let me know if you do it again!

    Sharon xx

  19. hi i would love to see you on friday could you pls send me the details of the location
    my email address is

  20. hi it was wonderful meeting you today and thank you for the lovely present i will keep in save

    anjalee xx


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