Sunday, 12 August 2018

Step back in time

Well it seems odd to talk of snow considering the blistering weather we've been experiencing over the past few months, but I seem to have let this blog slip and yet I have had so many nice adventures  this year that I have decided to step back in time and recall some of them.

March 2018
Way back in March I went on another of my visits to beautiful Scotland, and if my wish was to see it in all kinds of weather, well I certainly did this time.

On the day I set off it was pouring with rain, after several days of blizzards and heavy snowfall here in Lincolnshire. The views from the train window were still stunning though. I think the trip to Edinburgh is one of my favourite railway journeys. Hugging the coast for much of the latter part, the North Sea was wild with white horses and I was glad to be snug in my carriage looking out.
As I try to travel mid week, there are not always that many fellow travellers, but on both my outward and home journeys this time the carriage was quite full, so it wasn't quite so easy to lose myself in my book.
Have you ever noticed that whether on a train, in a restaurant and sometimes even the cinema you always seem to hear one voice way above everyone else and once heard you cannot get it out of your head! Well I had one , in fact two sat opposite me and however hard I tried to block it out, it was all I could hear. Two 'business' people, one a young woman, the other a more mature man, who spent a good two hours trying to out do each other in what they had achieved, what they owned , where they holidayed and how mentally and academically they were far superior than their peers.
I know you shouldn't listen to other's conversations but sometimes you have no choice. I almost felt like chiming in and saying I had a normal job, a loving family, a reasonable car and cheap holidays and that now I am retired, no hassles, no competition, freedom, and I am completely content and happy with my lot and hoped their stress and power struggles were worth it in the end!! Some people seem to spend 'the best years of their life' fighting to be at the top and miss life altogether before it's too late. Sorry, have got off my soapbox now! But it is sad that some people just can't see the beauty of taking time out and enjoying what you have now.

Anyway, back to Bonny Scotland.
We had as always planned to have a couple of outings, and now my sister has a car again, a bit of touring was on the agenda.
But No!! Four days of intermittent blizzards, some sharp frosts and lots of ice are not the kind of  weather two wrinklies should be risking! Broken hips are not worth it. We struggled to take Jack my sister's dog out some days, so we enjoyed a few days of complete rest, reading, knitting and chatting. And you know sometimes that is enough.
I did manage to complete a lovely scarf and hat with some wool my sister was going to give away! And it looked like I would still be needing it if the weather forecast was right! seemed an awful long way off !!! (Even though I know it had officially started!)
Finally a couple of days before I was due to return the sun came out and we had a lovely trip to the charming fishing village of Anstruthers. We kept to all the B roads and the scenery was quite magical.

On my final day we took just a short trip to Burntisland.

I had been there before and looked forward to a walk through the lovely park area. Again the sun was shining and this time the cool winds had dropped. Running along side of the park there is a railway branch line, and underneath some arches. I asked my sister if she had ever ventured through them as they seemed to be a public pathway, and she said no, so curiosity peaked we went to explore.
Oh my!
What a surprise. 

A wonderful coastal path with benches all set facing a stunning beach. Completely protected from any wind. It was warm enough to sit and linger, so we about turned, nipped to the local fish shop and returned to eat them by the sea with the sound of the waves just lapping on the shore. You could almost imagine a beach by the Mediterranean it was so pleasant.

 The perfect way to round off a very happy holiday.

I'll be back soon hopefully with some more of our adventures, and maybe even get up to date one day!! You never know.

Have a lovely week. 
The weather has taken a dip here over the last few days, but is forecast to pick up again next week. I've loved the sunshine and feeling like we're having a 'real summer', but the bit of a break and some neede rain hasn't been too bad.
What's it been like for you?

Jenny xx

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  1. Just come back from that part of Scotland - very mixed weather. Haven't been to Burntisland so must try that when we go again in October.
    We we're in North Holland during the cold weather in March - no snow but temperatures as low as -15° with the wind chill factor. Never worn so many layers in my life and still felt the wind could cut you in half!


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