Friday, 4 January 2019

New Year..New Challenge

So here we are again at the start of a New Year!

And I hope that finally this poor neglected blog will suddenly be filled with new sewing projects.

I have set myself an almost impossible task (for a shopaholic), of only adding me made items to my wardrobe for a whole year!!

I'm not really sure I can do it, but each time I've purchased something lately, I have been less than happy with either the fit, the quality or just the price. I also like to wear something individual, and what better way to do that than make it yourself.
The pattern, how you may adapt it, the fabric, the colour, all these things make a me made garment yours and yours alone and rarely will you find anyone else wearing the same thing.

I've already made a start. In November I went to the knitting and stitching show at Harrogate and bought some lovely cord to make a couple of skirts. I found a suitable free pattern on, although it turned out to be a Lekala pattern!, but as I hadn't made it before, I made a toile from a remnant I had picked up at a market.

After sorting out a couple of fit issues (I had heard that they weren't always very accurate and indeed despite putting in my exact measurements, I did have to take it in quite a bit and the waist is still very generous!)  I am now though  happy with the result and ready to start on the cord versions.

I'm hoping the process will make me focus on what's missing from my wardrobe, instead of just buying things that take my fancy. Things that will work with those things that I already own. To this end, I am going to make a list of what I think is missing. The items and the colours and hopefully over the next 12 months I will be able to fill those gaps with well made, well fitted garments that I know I will wear.

Wish me luck!

Jenny xx


  1. Love the skirt - very pretty fabric.

    1. Thank you, it's actually furnishing fabric but I couldn't resist it as I am rather partial to hares!

  2. I look forward ti seeing what you make. Every year I resolve to eat into my fabric stash and make some clothes but I fail every time. I will be looking to you for some inspiration x

    1. I know what you mean, although I have used quite a few bits from my stash over the last couple of years to make dance costumes, so it is gradually going!


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