Tuesday, 30 January 2018

And Its done!

The Butterick B5281 dress in spotted swifts is finished.

Having had no luck finding any more of the fabric to replace the front section I had cocked  messed up, I rifled through the bag of scraps that I had collected to go to the local sewing group and managed to find a couple of larger pieces of the right fabric, and having pressed them, I held them against the wrongly cut piece to see if I could in any way patch them together. It took a little while but finally I was able to choose two pieces which when all joined together gave me enough fabric to cut out the missing front piece correctly this time.

The matching isn't absolutely perfect but as near as, and since this is for a 'costume' I am happy enough with the result.

Of course whenever I have a potential disaster making something you can guarantee that as soon as one thing is solved something else goes wrong. So having spent all afternoon trying to get this as perfect as possible, I make up the dress, try it on and the zip broke.

Blizzards!! again.

Put it down, go get a glass of wine and just leave it!

I am not meant to wear this dress am I?

Later on I returned though determined not to be defeated. I put in a new zip, finished the skirt, added some vintage buttons and voila. Just the hem to finish now and then its done!

I don't think you will be able to see the 'repair' when I wear it

Unless the wind blows that is!

The inside patchwork seams

What a relief. I would be lying if I were to say this has been an enjoyable sew. And even my favourite vintage pattern isn't so appealing at the mo. However I do believe that I have truly embraced the 1940s ethos of 'make do and mend' quite literally!

Have you tossed many disasters in the bin, or are you like me and won't admit defeat?

But for now I think I'll step away from the machine. I have a floor length 'Scottish Widow' type cloak to tackle next with a large cowl hood. I think I need to have my sensible head on for that.

Wish me luck
Jenny xx

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