Monday, 24 March 2014

Battling Bugs and plenty of reading......

Well for 3 weeks now I have been feeling really sorry for myself!...... I have been battling a nasty chest infection and I'm fed up with it now.
It started off with a really barking cough, but after a couple of days appeared to have developed into just a head cold, so I decided to go ahead with my planned trip to Scotland.....bad idea!
I did have a lovely time with my sister but spent most of it huddled on the settee under a rug trying desperately hard not to cough. When I got back it seemed to become a little worse and so I had to give in and succumb to a doctors appointment and some antibiotics. I have finished the course now and so I am  feeling a bit better but I am not a good patient and can't stop thinking of the million and one things that need doing and the other million I want to do. I think the thing I am finding the hardest is how weak I feel. Even the simplest activity has me longing for a sit down.
But at least this enforced 'resting' has meant that I have been able to catch up on some reading.
I have just finished The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton.

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 Fabulous. Taking you from Cornwall to Australia and back and covering several generations of one family it is brilliantly written and keeps you in suspense right to the end.
Of course having read one of her books I had to try another and am now reading the The House at Riverton.
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This is totally different and I struggled a bit at the beginning, but am gradually getting into it, so will let you know how I get on.
Another book I have finished is A Jarful of Angels by Babs Horton. You may have heard me sing the praises of her Dandelion Soup in the past,
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but again this was not what I expected at all and although I did enjoy it and parts which seemed confusing at times were clear by the end , I still didn't find it an easy read, or indeed quite understand the meaning of the title. Have you read it? Can you enlighten me?

I am sure there are many of you hard at work who would give 'anything' to have a few minutes to put your feet up let alone a few weeks, so I will try to accept my lot and just enjoy my relaxation. I know as soon as I am on my feet again and bogged down with housework, washing, ironing and cooking I will look back and wonder why I moaned, but then we always seem to want the opposite to what we have don't we!

Hoping you all keep well, have a good week
Jenny xx


  1. Sorry to see you haven't been well but glad you are on the mend now. We read the House at Riverton at book club last year. I enjoyed it, others mostly did but one person really detested it!
    Lisa x

  2. Must admit I didn't enjoy The House at Riverton. The Secret Keeper is better I think. Sorry you've been feeling rotton.

  3. Hope you will feel better soon Jenny! I enjoyed The forgotten garden too. I read it a few years ago, but I can remember it being a good read.

    Take care!

    Madelief x

  4. hahaha kinda snap too x x thank you for your encouraging words over at sidmouth poppy x x a good nights sleep makes everything seem better x x

  5. Thank you so much for your visit and comment over at my place. I do look forward to visiting here again. Hoping that you will be feeling better soon. Over here in New York, we just keep on longing for spring.


  6. There's been a foul cough doing the rounds this spring ... I picked that virus up and it really laid me low. Maybe your woes were caused by the same thing? I do hope you're feeling much better now x

  7. Olá amiga,vim retribuir sua carinhosa visita ao meu cantinho.
    Fiquei feliz por seguir-me!!!
    Obrigada,volte sempre e pegue o meu selinho de agradecimento!

    Beijos Marie.


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