Sunday, 2 December 2012


Well I was a little disappointed at the response to my giveaway, only 7 entries, but as I didn't specify the prize perhaps it didn't appeal.

However of those who entered, the winner as drawn from my paper hat by my DH is.......

Congratulations a pre Christmas parcel will be winging its way to you sometime this week. Please let me have your full name and address details (to the email on my profile) and I will rush it off to you.

As for the most interesting idea, I think it has to go to.....

A paper rose on paper shoes, well in view of my business, I think this has to win the runner up prize...congratulations a little token of my appreciation at your taking part will also be in the post as soon as I receive your details.

To everyone else thanks for making me feel that at least someone is listening out there, It always amazes me that out of  over 100 views in a day only one or two actually say hello! I don't bite and  a ' I just popped by to say hello' will do.

Finally the answer was a wreath...OK so not so extraordinary but I am so happy with it and the tutorial I followed here.

Mine is on a 12 inch willow wreath painted white and took 390 roses!!

I have since created a bell decoration for Christmas

so my book cannibalism is set to continue.....

Paper garlands next I 'm thinking...and perhaps handmade crackers with gifts relating to book heroes and mind is racing now and the ideas are flooding in I becoming obsessed....look out for further exciting chapters soon.......

But now for the epilogue...

Jenny xx

Off to bed with a good book...the ones I saved because they are worth reading....!


  1. Your wreath and bell are gorgeous! I think only 1% of readers comment regardless on number of readers. I think it is astonishing too :)

    I am thrilled to pieces that I won! Thank you so much - I am sure whatever it is, it is pure loveliness :)Wishing you a wonderful day!

  2. Hello Jenny, just to say I popped by to say hello! ;-)
    No, I'm kidding, it is true that people hardly ever leave comments, but I do the same (as I realise now) and honestly, I like your blog and love the wreath and the bell! I will make it my new year's resolution, connect with nice bloggers all over the world!
    Love from Holland!!

  3. Hi Jenny,
    I featured the beautiful gingerbread man ornament you sent me last year in our ornament exchange on my blog today, in my daughter's candy Christmas themed bedroom.
    thanks again, and Merry Christmas!


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