Friday, 16 November 2012

Bye Bye Autumn.......and a little giveaway!!

Well that's it Autumn has definitely left the building here...

With the delivery of some fabulous mercury glass ornaments and then this........

 ( surely I could enter a competition for the messiest cook....and win!!...)
and a quick look at my poor cookery book will only confirm this..........

but when you see the year I received it and I have made the same cake every year since, perhaps I have a little excuse.....

but no doubt there will be cookery book guardians out there who will still not forgive my wanton destruction. My only defence is that it is still a well loved and definitely used book, and the results do speak for themselves.....

 The cakes will now be subjected to forced alcoholism until about a week before the big day when they will be dressed in there finery.

I have also been working on a little project that  I have just realised only confirms my book cannibalism Ooops!!! Involving (honest) a very worn 600 page novel that I didn't enjoy (and therefore did not pass on to others as usual) and rather a lot of hot glue, it has taken several hours so far but if it turns out half as beautiful as the one in the original tutorial I will be thrilled....can you guess what it might be?........

 There will be a little parcel in the post for the first correct answer pulled out of my paper hat on Friday 30th November.... and one for the most creative or bazaar idea (for those of you who quite frankly haven't a clue what I am up to!!) so come on have a go and let Christmas come early to the lucky winners......
I will then reveal the answer with the link to that tutorial, (Just in time to make one yourselves) so good luck......

Jenny xx


  1. A bouquet of roses maybe or perhaps a wreath for the front door?

  2. Looking at the photo with the paper flowers congregating in the background, I would say the same as Marigold Jam, a bouquet or wreath.
    But the flowers might be really tiny so they may be for making rings?

  3. Streamers? for Christmas, hanging from the ceiling, but much more tasteful than those crepe paper ones I remember from my childhood...
    Sue Xxx

  4. you have SNOW on your blog!
    I WANT!!

    I have noooo idea what your pages are going to be made into, but it sure looks more interesting than the book- and as for your cookbook, that page is clean compared to some of mine which is why I need patterned teatowels cos when I'm in the kitchen they seem to get used for everythng!

    Have a good weekend
    ps no need to apologise for cutting up book pages

  5. Looking at other comments, I'm not original in saying a wreath. But on second thought, a paper rose to put on paper shoes? Can't wait for the reveal...

  6. No idea, or certainly no idea other than a couple already mooted, but it's pretty :)


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