Monday, 31 December 2012


Well hello again...its been a while, but I guess you might have an inkling why....some sort of holiday going on,  too much to do and too little time.......but was it all worth it for you?

For me it has to be a resounding   'YES'.

Lots of precious time with those we love......

 Enjoying morning cuddles with little visitors who came to stay during school holidays.....

Finally finishing home made decorations and loving them so much they are staying in place after the celebrations.......only the garland I hasten to add I think the letters and baubles had better go away....!

Receiving the most beautiful and most useful presents....the grey bag held my new shopping trolley....beware all those who have run over my feet in the past... woman on a mission coming least I'll be able to fetch the wine now....

  And the fabulous clock now gracing my was intended for the bedroom but is too nice to hide away so we are swapping things round....

watching the grand children's faces as they opened their presents, a privilege and a joy....

 We have been royally wined and dined by our great kids and have had a wonderful party here at home with them all and my brother and brother in law. It has been what Christmas really is about, family , fun, sharing and caring and all the rest has been an added bonus. It was of course tinged with a little sadness that my beautiful Sylvia wasn't there to share it with us but we loved having our BIL and though we were perhaps a bit noisy for him I think he held up well and enjoyed sharing it with us.

And finally among all the wonderful books and gifts that we have received DH and I were presented with tickets for TWINWOOD 2013 by our darling girl and her family. I am still in shock, and am already researching 1940s costumes and finding patterns for hats etc. My SIL is as excited as us as she and her hubby will be going with us. We're stopping 2 nights and have tickets for the Sunday so will be able to attend late into the night.

Ummmm.....that gives us about 7 months to learn the jitterbug....but then perhaps not....I think we will be happy enough to watch all the experts and just revel in the atmosphere...I cant wait.......anyone know of a forties hairstyle for very short silver!!

So thank you to everyone for making our Christmas a true time of joy and happiness and for those of you who have not been so fortunate I hope that 2013  holds better things for you and new beginnings.......

Wherever you are

Jenny xx


  1. Happy New year, Jenny. Sounds as if you had a lovely Christmas.

  2. Happy New Year! Thank you for sharing your lovely photos. Jille xx

  3. What a really lovely time you have had, like you say family is what it's all about.
    Happy new year.
    Lisa x

  4. Happy New Year to you and your family. It looks like you have a brilliant Christmas too with your family. bee x

  5. Happy New Year! May all your dreams come true...


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