Sunday, 14 October 2012


I am hoping that some kind techie blogger will come to my rescue. I have my samples for my cosy fleece headband tutorial all photographed and the instructions planned, but what I would really like is to include a printable PDF of the pattern in my post. It seems so much more sensible than trying to explain the shape and dimensions. So if you have this kind of knowledge and don't mind passing it on to a computer dummy (in an idiots guide kind of thing!) by sending me an email to the address on my profile, I would be very indebted to you........

In the meantime I will do a little showcase of the scrummy things I found at the bi-annual antique and collectors fair at the Peterborough showground the other week. Last year was the first time we had heard of this and in October in 30degrees( I kid you not) we were bowled over by the number and quality of the many stalls there. So this year we were just hoping that we wouldn't be disappointed.

And we certainly were not.... Not quite 30 degrees but very warm indeed! and we definitely didn't need the coats we had brought.

The whole show was again an absolute joy with everything from posh car boot nic nacs to high end antiques. It is a good job that I had a budget or goodness knows what I might have returned with!. Though in all honesty the total cost of all my loot was under £70 so I think I did pretty well.

 First I found this companion to my Tea caddy...........

 a couple more homepride bits.......

 These beautiful green Bakelite pieces, the perfect match to my kitchen....

Some vintage cotton lace trim for the new french inspired cushions and bed throw currently in production...

a bit more Noddy.....

and another French style clock, which is also destined for the revamped bedroom, but more of that at a later date......perhaps first you might actually get to see the finished dining and sewing rooms. The new carpets are being fitted next week so I shall finally reveal all.

Yesterday we attended the wedding of a very dear friend, and so today was to be a day of rest and pottering and I suddenly had this urge to bake. Now my 43 year old cooker is finally showing signs of age and doesn't always keep to the perfect temperature any more so baking is often a bit hit and miss. However it didn't take hubby long to partially demolish this....

and though they're never going to get me a place in the Great British Bake off .......

these tasted yummy......well you have to sample don't you!

I'm off now to watch this, saw it ages ago on the TV and loved it.....

And finally (I heard that sigh!!) in the next week I'll be trying to think what to carve on my pumpkin.... It won't compare to the fantastic spooky mansion created by my DD last year but I would love to do something a little more creative than a face.....Any ideas!! 

Have a good week, and if you can help with my computer dilemma I will be watching eagerly for some emails....thanks in anticipation......

Jenny xx


  1. I'm sorry not to be able to help on the techie front - I have no idea about pdfs! Your finds are lovely - the biscuit barrel is just the sweetest thing, and how nice that the tea caddy is no longer alone. I'm clearly in a 'green' mood as my other favourites are the Bakelite! Your cakes look delicious!

  2. Some nice collectables there - but I like (love) your baking best! ( I have emailed you with my best advice re jpegs to pdf).

  3. No tech help here I'm afraid, sure some clever person will help :) I love green (my favourite colour) and the biscuit barrel is enough to make my heart flutter. Cakes look gorgeous too. xx

  4. I would love to know about the PDF thing myself .. I only make small items so I just scan what I have drawn through the printer
    Those jam buns look gorgeous .. I could just scoff one of those, they look yummy :)

  5. can't help on the tecchie front (still trying to find caps on the keyboard haha!) but love all the un-tecchie things you bought and baked
    have a good week

  6. Try this tutorial for the PDF, it worked for me.

  7. Lovely to catch up with your blog. Hope you are enjoying the weekend. Lizzie


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