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Hi fellow sewers and perhaps some who would like to be. Here is the tutorial I promised for the Cosy Fleece Headband. If like me you enjoy walking, particularly in the Autumn and Winter, and I know from some of the lovely blogs I read that many of you do: and if like me you look a right dork in any kind of pull on hat but hate your ears to turn to ice, then this is the tutorial for you (Not that I am implying any of you look like dorks...ever  lol)

Cosy Fleece Headband

First gather your materials and tools

1.  Printable pattern below (hopefully)
2. 1/4 metre of 54 inch or 60 inch wide fleece. (If you also want to make a matching scarf make this 1/2 metre)
3. 2 metres of bi -fold elastic. (I got mine from an Internet lingerie site, available in masses of colours)
4. 4 inches of hook and loop fastener
5. Scissors
6. Pins
7.Sewing machine

First you will need to make a pattern. I hope the following image will print off for you. It should be printed out twice on A4 sheets and when cut out joined together flush with sellotape where indicated. I tend to use thin card but paper will do.

Headband Pattern Signed

Next take your fleece and fold in half width ways. Place the full pattern on one straight edge and weight down with paperweights tins of beans or anything fairly heavy that you can work around. I do this as to try to pin through the pattern and the double fleece can distort the shape you are trying to cut.

Draw around the pattern with tailors chalk and when done remove the weights and pin through both layers of fleece before cutting out.
 Sew around the headband as close to the edge as you can with a medium running stitch, to hold the 2 layers together.

Next you need to bind the cut edges of the headband with the by-fold elastic. Starting at the bottom (the wavy edge) sew one edge of the elastic as close as possible to the running stitch you have just sewn around the headband. Leave a tail of about 1/2 inch at the beginning.

When you approach a corner stop about 1/2 inch away and then hold the elastic in place at the corner, preferably with the middle finger

Pull the elastic around the corner and hold it in place with the index finger or whichever is easiest for you..

Using the other hand to guide the work slowly continue sewing around the  corner. Not easy but practice makes perfect (or only nearly so in my case)

When you have sewn the elastic all the way round you should overlap the short tail you left at the start and then trim this level.

 Don't worry it will spring back and look as if you didn't cut it straight but that will be hidden in the next step.
This will be the underside of the headband now.
Next you need to turn the band over and bring the elastic over the edge and secure with an elastic stitch if you have it on your machine...No 6 on mine, but if you don't have this a zig zag will do.

First though you need to make the joined corner neat. Fold the elastic at the bottom edge over to the front just at that corner and pin, and then carefully fold the side of the elastic over to neatly encase the raw edges.

Using the elastic or zig zag stitch pull the elastic over to the right side and attach all around.When you start it is a good idea to do a couple of stitches and then hold the top and shuttle threads to slightly ease the fabric under the machine foot. You should find that it curls quite naturally at the corners, but if it won't stretch neatly in place trim a little off the fleece here to allow it to sit flat.

The finished band should now look something like this. All you need now is to sew on the hook and loop fastener. I use two strips to give more adjustment and strength. With the right side of the headband facing down fold the side near your left hand over to the middle. The loop portions of your fastener should be sewn on the right side (now facing you) near to the finished edge here. The hook portions should be sewn to the wrong side at the other edge.

Your headband is now complete.  The fastening sits at the back of the head so that the curved portions cover the ears. Of course you can leave it plain....or dress it up a little

and voila the hair once the band is removed still looks decent enough to pop into that country inn for Sunday lunch..

I hope this will be a little project that you enjoy. I know there will be many much more experienced sewers who will have a better way of attaching the elastic. On thinner fabrics I merely tuck the raw edges straight into the folded elastic but I find the bulky fleece is not easy to handle in this way. However if anyone has any tips to make it easier still I am all ears.

Now I know this post is quite long and so I will save the scarf details for next time. 

If you have any problem printing the pattern: download, open and then print the PDF let me know with an email address and I will try to forward a copy to you from which you can print it. I have tried to find out about attaching printables to my blog but so far this has been the only way I have managed to do it. Thank you to those that have offered advise, I have tried your suggestions to no avail. If anyone else knows a better solution I would love to hear.

Happy sewing
Jenny xx


  1. Your headbands are realy beautiful! Yes indead, my ears are always very very cold in winter...thanks for the tutorial!
    hugs Ester

  2. Oh my cute are YOU and how lovely are your sweet headbands...I love love the orange one.
    Thank you so much for visiting me the other day...I am in love with your little shoes you make...they are so adorable..wish I had a little one around to buy a pair for.
    Happy day to you.

  3. You look very stylish in your headbands, and without! Great tutorial - these would come in very useful for skiing hols!

  4. Really love your headband...may just have a go at that cos I don't do hats :-) I was chuckling at your comment...
    'if anyone has any tips to make it easier still I am all ears.'.....and they are really warm cosy ears it seems :-)
    A x


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