Wednesday, 31 October 2012

COSY HEADBAND (Tutorial)...and Finally

When I wrote the original Tutorial here I mentioned that if you bought a little extra fleece you could complete your cosy outfit with a scarf.
So here is the method. Not really a full tutorial this time as it is so simple I am just going to tell you how I did it.

Take your fleece usually 60 inches or 54 inches wide and fold in half width ways. Make sure you have a completely straight edge at the top of the fleece and measure down 10 inches making several marks across your fleece to link and draw your second straight line.
Cut out on this line as carefully as possible or use a rotary cutter and mat if you have them.
You should now have a strip of fleece 60/54 inches long by 10 inches deep. On each end mark a straight line to cut off the selvedge. Then mark another line 2 inches away from this (on each end). This is to create the fringed ends. Make 1/4 inch cuts from each edge to the 2 inch line.
The scarf is made!!...

However I am sure you will not want to leave it there......

There are so many ways you can personalise it. My first method is to create a pattern with needle felting, either by hand or an embellisher. I have used both methods here.....

Next I copied a portion of the fleece flower I created on the orange headband, using the same buttons as centres.

Of course these scarves don't only have to be for the adults. As we all try to find ways to save money and live a less consumer led existence what better present could you give a nephew,niece or grandchild than a handmade scarf, with perhaps a matching hat ( find loads of free patterns here) personalised with their favourite toy, pet or even their name.

I took the Stanley and racing car templates from the Cath Kidston books, intended to be used as patterns for applique's and created machine embroideries, but you could appliqué them just as well...

 For a little girl you could use ribbon embroidery, or attach crochet flowers. The options are endless.
And don't forget snowflakes, snowmen and reindeer if you want a truly traditional Christmas gift!

I hope some of you try them and let us all see your creations. Just have fun and make something warm and practical at the same time.

In the meantime don't get too spooked this evening.....Happy Halloween

Jenny xx


  1. Oh do look at that little bunny snuggled up on the couch! Love the header & the Stanley scarf especially. Hope you've got over your daylight saving adjustment (always takes me about a week). I guess you "fell" back where as we are not long "sprung" forward! Much love Catherine x0x0x

  2. Oh you clever thing! They look lovely. I love a bit of needle felting but have only made little animals for the poppets. And a needle felter on your sewing machine...who would have thought! Hope you're having a lovely weekend.
    Steph :) x
    (from mon petit poppet...I've moved my blog...weeeeeee!)


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