Sunday, 15 July 2012

A LITTLE the sunshine!!

Hi there
 I do hope you have all had a good weekend however you have spent it.
Yesterday I spent most of the day just catching up with housework (not very enthusiastically I have to say) whilst DH carried on with the room overhaul. This time he was tackling the electrics, lining up the sockets and lifting floorboards ready for the electrician to come and finally wire up. If there's one thing you need in a sewing room its plenty of power points so I am making sure these are all just where I will need them. I remember saying a couple of weeks ago, 'oh we only need to remove those cupboards and paint the walls', famous last words and you would think by my age I would have learnt my lesson. Any renovation job.. plan for two days and multiply that by 10!! Still we really are getting on now so hopefully it wont be too long before I am installed in my den once again.

Today though, in glorious sunshine (do you remember what that's like) we took a few hours off and went to a tiny car boot on part of the station car park. There couldn't have been more than a couple of dozen stalls and at first glance I wasn't very hopeful of finding any treasure. However  I was to be pleasantly surprised.

A great little tool box which has GPO carved into the top which I didn't spot until I handed over my £4 and saw the top of the lid properly. I was even more thrilled then as both DH and I worked  there when they were the GPO and have a few bits of old General Post Office memorabilia already. Of course we are now fighting over who should keep it!

A print of a Jason Partner water colour, a Lincolnshire artist whose work I love. His drawings are so precise, almost technical drawings and of course his main subjects the Suffolk and Norfolk coast are some of my favourite places. This now makes five in my collection..the bathroom walls are filling rapidly...

  This little cabbage leaf bowl has no markings but is the same colour and design as my Sylvac soup dishes and saucers, so will be used to hold my bread rolls. Don't ask me what is there appeal but I am always attracted to them .Quite a good haul already but there was more to come..

We then went on to Woodhall Spa to the Petwood Hotel and a small antique fair.

Such a beautiful building, the former Officers mess of 617 'the Dambusters' Squadron.

 We have been to many fairs held by Field Dog Fairs and always seem to find a little something and meet some really friendly traders who don't mind a bit of a haggle. Today, though the fair was a bit smaller than we had expected, it still produced a few things to keep me happy and to fill up yet more of my ever decreasing floor and wall space...

A sampler from 1950 with guess whose initials at the bottom....obviously waiting for me!

A coronation handkerchief which I think I will frame. If anyone has any great tips on how to do this without spoiling it I would be very pleased for some help. How should I attach it to its backing?

and finally a tiny side table whose flaps fold down and when lifted the whole top rotates in order to support it in the open position. I love it.

So as you can see I came home a very happy shopper indeed.

Before we left however we did have a walk around the village and I have to say it is quite impressive. Plenty of cafes and restaurants, the Kinema in the Woods, a lovely old style picture house, and family friendly park with a variety of activities and not forgetting a fitting memorial to the brave airmen of 617 Squadron who lost their lives....

 All in all a great day........

Hope you all have a good week, here it is the final week of school before the Summer break, so I think there will be lots of mums rushing to get things done while they have any time to themselves. I will be helping out with our two gorgeous boys, and I bet I know who will be worn out first! But I wouldn't change it for the world as I know how lucky we are to be so much of their growing up.....

Jenny xx


  1. My goodness,what a fabulous haul! Love the watercolour.I only own one original and that is of favourite place too.
    Hope you have a happy week. :0)

  2. Didn't you do well! That sampler was waiting just for you. I like those pieces of china made in the shape of cabbage leaves, can't stand the vegetable though!
    Lisa x

  3. Can't wait for the holidays to start, just hope it brightens up a bit. I love the watercolour too, it's beautiful, what a good day you had. x

  4. Love the box and some great finds.

  5. Love the sampler and the coronation hankie although I'm afraid I don't have any tips on how to frame it. Lucey x

  6. Hi Jenny,such great treasures,its funny how sometimes at first glance a small sale can hold some great things,the thing I love is you never know what you might find,love the box and the sampler,same initials as me too! I'm not quite sure how you would frame the hankie but a wonderful treasure.Hope you are enjoying the holidays and the beautiful weather,take care,love juliexxx


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