Sunday, 9 September 2012


Hi, remember me, the woman who always has too much to say in each post that I am always surprised when anyone gets to the end of one!! Well for once I have been silenced, and if you ever hear me utter the immortal words....'we are just going to'......again you have my permission to point me to this post immediately.


We were just going to have a log burner installed in the dining room. One of only three rooms in the house without double glazing (we can't afford the £3000+ quoted for each of the 3 big bay windows), and we feel it would spoil the front elevation of the property anyway. We have been assured that the one we chose will be so efficient we will be wanting to open windows when it gets too warm .And make a mess having it installed. Oh no! they do it all the time.........

So what could go wrong!!

'After'... S@*t...isn't this supposed to look better?

Well....... nothing if you discount the fact that they couldn't get the lining down the chimney and were so convinced that the chimney was blocked that they planned to knock a hole through the wall in the attic to see where the problem was!!....The fact that the attic is 2 beautiful bedrooms and not a dark storage space did seem to make them rethink that one thank goodness.....And when they did manage to get the lining through, despite the fact that the chimney had been swept, they found the only deposit of soot still left and managed to cover the whole dining room in it. No more cream curtains, no more beige carpet and a fine layer of black in places I didn't know existed.  So of course it has all been a doddle!! ( and I'm still cleaning up soot!)

Four weeks later having stripped said dining room and repaired and repainted all the walls, had curtains cleaned, purchased new carpet and reorganised the whole thing I think we are on the home run....but at the moment I am keeping schtum!! I will do a reveal, but only when there is absolutely nothing left to do.

And of course there is still the small matter of the sewing room makeover which we were sure would 'just' take a week or so and which was so rudely interrupted........

watch this space .......

Of course in between all this there has been a weekend in Cheshire, a visit to a brilliant country show and the grandson's school holidays, so no reason at all not to have finished everything by now!! I'll tell you more about those another time.

Have a great week....and don't forget to start looking out those winter woollies, I fear our Indian summer is about to come to an abrupt end..........A wood burner would come in handy then!!

Jenny xx


  1. Oh my, can't wait to see the end result. And please don't let the Indian summer end! Kx

  2. I am sure it will all be lovely in the end but what a nightmare in between! I take it we will be shown the finished effect in a year or so's time then?! Keep calm and carry on indeed.

  3. we have a woodburner in the sitting room and I can assure you, you will forget the mess once that glorious warmth seeps through! I wouldn't/couldn't live without mine, but then we don't have central heating!
    Winter Woollies never got put away here...

  4. As someone just beginning the dusting down and putting everything back in its place stage of a decorating project (which has needless to say involved mess ending up in every part of the house) I really sympathise! It will be worth it as you sit all toasty warm in front of your woodburner, and we'll all be pleased to see the final reveal!

  5. Oh dear Jenny,hang in there,it will be cool in the end. Thanks for your comment,I do love sewing more now,only can't get to it as often as I would like :-)

  6. hello there, ive often popped by and read your lovely posts and hardly comment, ive become bad at commenting! must do better in future!. but just wanted to say i was sorry to read of your sister x but wanted to say your hair looks lovely!!!! x...the home makeover looks exciting!!!!

  7. Oh dear, but think how you can now make it all just how you want it (it was anyway?... oh dear again), it'll be so cosy for winter, looking forward to seeing all the hard work. x

  8. Oh my goodness! What a pain in the rear that lot must have been, to say the least!
    Looking forward to the big reveal and I hope you enjoy all the cosy evenings to come.
    Lisa x

  9. Your story sounds like a nightmare. I hope it will look wonderful once finished!

    A happy week to you too!

    Madelief x


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