Sunday, 8 July 2012


.............The smell of paint being stripped with a hot air stripper!! I do and I should be used to it now. At least it wasn't me having to do this horrible job. No it was DH finishing stripping the window frame and door frame in my sewing room. It is coming on in leaps and bounds and I hope to show you the results very soon. He has already ripped out some awful cupboards in the alcoves and replaced them with thick shelves made from recycled scaffolding planks. The next job is many more power points behind my work bench and  better lighting with daylight bulbs above.
When we moved into this house 20 years ago stripped pine was all the rage and so every door, skirting board and even the stairs and 47 stair rails were stripped sanded to within an inch of their lives and left. Funny how our tastes change. Now  I look at the window frames and wonder if they should be white, well in my sewing room they will be but at least now they have a lovely clean base and the woodwork will look as it should !

 Note to self....I don't think all that stuff will fit on new shelves!!....

Of course all this renovation has meant access to my sewing machine has been sorely curtailed, but by no means stopped. So the other evening I set to and created a new cover for the Parker Knoll chair which my DH has in the dining room to watch 'his' big tele. It was perfectly OK covered in a large red and cream check, but being me and seeing it as slightly grubby I decided to wash the original and being a good fit to begin with it was a little like my clothes were a few weeks ago, not too small but certainly too snug a  fit for comfort (but that's a whole other story). So having seen these stunning patchwork sofas in many magazines lately,

 image c/o

 I thought I would be a bit more creative and make a patchwork cover for the seat cushion. Of course he is a 'bloke' and velvet and florals are not really his thing so the effect had to be a bit more subtle and voila..................

Amazingly he quite liked it!!

Well when the sewing machine was completely out of bounds I had to resort to the hexis and hand sewing!! My they do grow apace. Having found the new way of using the English paper piecing which does not involve sewing through the paper ( in my case card) templates, I am thrilled with the progress......

 If you haven't read my other posts check this site for hexi templates and links to easy piecing saves a lot of time and many sore fingers!

 Well yet again time has defeated me, why does it always take me a whole evening to write a post and edit a few pictures. Is it just me or does everyone go through this!
I have so many things to tell you but never seem to have enough time to do it. Never mind tomorrow is another day....and I will be back.....

Jenny xx


  1. Hello Miss Winnibrig~thank you for stopping by. It looks like you have quite a project on your hands! I started cleaning my sewing room today and now am wondering WHY? Ive got myself in a pickle!Good luck, hope it goes as planned. For me theres no plan, just trying to find the work table again!

  2. Looking forward to seeing the new workroom and hopefully getting some inspiration as mine needs doing.
    Love the chair.

  3. things here have been all upsides too while we re-jigged the sitting room which involved moving a skip-project desk down from "his" then the sheds had to have a clearout too at which point we found the wood put by to re-roof the chicken house, so then that got done twixt rain showers...and I'm sitting here this morning trying to decide which part/what colour to paint the desk, or whether I actually quite like it battered old pine, and whther the equally battered old hall chair that was my grandmother's would sit easily alongside...but that involves venturing into "my" shed...

  4. Thank you for your lovely comment.No ring this year,that was on our 20th two years ago.Did get a lovely bracelet though.I'm sure all the hard work will be worth it,and you're going to have a great workroom at the end of it.The preparation is the worst part and that's what puts me off doing all the projects that need doing in our house.Love what you've done with the chair,and those hexagons are amazing,don't think I'd have the patience to do those! :0)

  5. The chair is lovely, and hope the sewing room is sorted for use again soon, looking all tidy and new :) Loving the hexies, I have some paper templates cut, but not enough, I'll go and check out your links. xx

  6. I would be thrilled with the chair cushion and I am really swooning over the red, white and blue hexagons. You do make the prettiest things.
    Lisa x

  7. Hi Jenny, I popped across from Gill's blog and loved your 'About Me' section - it chimed with me.

    Love to see what you are doing with your sewing room - more pics please! And I SO agree with you about those beautiful patchwork sofas - but have you seen the price?? I covetted a similar arm-chair but was put off by the price. Love your answer to patchwork furnniture!


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