Tuesday, 26 June 2012

WHAT I DID ON MY HOLIDAYS....(apologies Haven for pinching your lines)

It was the end of April and a spell of very unsettled weather when we set off on our journey to Lymington for the ferry to the Isle of Wight. A first for me and DH.

 It wasn't any better when we arrived but we weren't going to let a little thing like the weather spoil it for us.

And our super accommodation meant that at least we returned each day to comfort and warmth...

We were based near Brighstone and the scenery and walks were out of this world....

We had a couple of beautiful days and spent one walking about 20 miles!!...I know talk about doing things by halves...and the other visiting beautiful Osbourne House....

 As this is still a Royal household we were unable to take photographs inside, but it was amazing. Far too crowded for my taste, but the view from her sitting room window across the Solent, with all the boats was breathtaking. No wonder it was Queen Victoria's favourite retreat.

On the days when the weather was less kind we found all manner of things to amuse us, you would have thought we were in our second childhood....

Stunning displays in the butterfly park.........

...zooming down country lanes on bikes...trying to avoid the puddles....

...finding the prettiest places for a bit of lunch and retail therapy....... and even a ride on a steam train

.......with a falconry and owl display at the end of our journey

It was a shame we only got to walk on some of the pretty beaches....

....the only place we didn't visit was Black Gang Chine, as it I am sorry to say is a bit commercial now, but we did visit Shanklin Chine and was not disappointed

I bet you are totally underwhelmed by my photo of it....that's because my camera battery failed just as I was about to turn and take one of the waterfall, still there's a reason for you to go and see it for yourself....

It was a fabulous break and over far too quickly, and I am sure if we went again we would still find lots of things to keep us occupied. I would highly recommend it for  couples and families alike. The complex at 'The Needles' with restaurant, sweet factory, glass blowing and of course the chairlift has something for everyone. Again a bit commercial, but you couldn't come to the Isle of Wight without a trip here...now could you!!

Right well I don't know about you but having just read this through I am now gasping for a drink, and no not the alcoholic type.... I am being good at the moment and following the 'MyspecialK' plan to try to shift some of this extra padding I have acquired. I am pretty impressed so far and will let you know how I get on......

I hope you all have a good week, and that sometime soon we will  see an improvement in this unpredictable weather. Take care

Jenny xx


  1. Sounds wonderful!! Your photos make me want to be there with you...wonderful!!

  2. You must have driven pretty close to us to get to Lymington! Lovely photos of the IOW. Glad you all enjoyed it. Being close we should go and see more of it. Osborne House is rather fab isn't it and I agree with that view from your sitting room why would you want to live anywhere else.
    Lisa x

  3. Ooh lovely, just what I needed after a horrible morning to read about lovely Isle of Wight, we are going back next month on holiday for the fourth year running
    Still lots we havn't done. One of my favourites is Ryde beach when the tide is out.
    Best wishes
    Sue x

  4. What a lovely holiday album! All this rain is making me hanker for some sunshine but photos like that make me realise it's not the weather that's important, it's what you do in it that is!

  5. Never been there, but now would love to go - it looks so lovely, even in this 'weather'! Liking your red and white hexies - looking forward to seeing how that all progresses, and am sooo jealous of you going to Chelsea - what a fabulous present! Those artisan gardens are my type of garden. xCathy


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