Sunday, 10 June 2012


OK, so I know that many of you have been writing about your jubilee experiences and despite being a true royalist it seems to have passed me by, but that's not the real truth.
Indeed I have celebrated like many of you, decked out my garden with union flags and really enjoyed what television coverage I managed to see.
On the actual day June 2nd it was our darling grandsons 1st birthday so we had a super joint celebration BBQ at his home Giddy Kipper towers, and then on the Monday my BIL bravely held another BBQ in remembrance of my darling sister who we lost earlier this year and who had planned on having a right royal gathering. So we have joined in with a mixture of joy and a little sadness.
 I hope you were all able to enjoy the holiday in your own personal way, such a shame that the previous glorious weather decided to dessert us.

...however we were not at all upset that the sun really did shine for us the day we went to Chelsea. Our first time and a brilliant Christmas present from DD and her family.  Well I wont apologise for this extremely photo heavy post as I really do think that the pictures do tell the story.  I will just add however that I was most impressed with the flower marquee, whilst some of the 'designer gardens' didn't quite do it for me. To be honest it was difficult to get near enough to really see them, the crowds were immense. I was glad that I had watched some of the previews on television earlier in the week, so didn't really think I had missed too much!

A couple of the Artisan the shepherds hut...

Some stunning floral art outside one of the summerhouses which were styled by various companies, this one by Kaffe Fasset

 and my favourite..... love the colour of those mini foxgloves.......

 Some of the larger exhibits in the Pavilion......

....and some of my own favourite blooms.......

 some really stunning bonsai.....just look at the colour of this.....

.....the quirky....what else would you use fake grass for....

and finally a couple of those designer gardens.... its not hard to guess which was my favourite......

and which was definitely not........

...mind it didn't look bad covered in Chelsea pensioners!!........

.......but despite sweltering in temperatures hitting 30 degrees, walking what seemed miles, paying the price of half a bottle of Pimms for one small glass a good time was had by all...........Thank you Heidi, Steve and the boys for such a perfect present.

Well I am sure you are all nodding off by now so I had better go.
We have been preparing the alcoves for the new shelves in my sewing room today and have started decorating so I hope to have some piccies soon of my little den, until then....

Have a great week,

Jenny xx


  1. Chelsea is soooooooo on my list. Love your photos. What fab time. xxxx

  2. I could have looked at those pictures all day! What a wonderful place...I have seen the show on TV before...but it must be wonderful to do it in person!! Mini floxgloves...oh I wish I could get my hands on those!!

  3. I love the Chelsea flower shower and will go back there another time I hope. Your pics are glorious. Can't wait to see your den and your decorating skills. xx

  4. what a lovely post, thankyou for such gorgeous pics

  5. Hello,Jenny,
    I just wanted to say thank you so much for such a lovely post about Chelsea.I watched it avidly on telly but I know its not the same assault on the senses as being there would have been.A visit to the CF show is definitely on my bucket list.I think I want to lie down and in the Kaffe Fassset room and never get up its looks so heavenly.I'm so sorry about your sister that must have been so hard to celebrate without her.I know I would be so lost without my own dear sister.What a shame the weather has taken a turn as Ive sort have lost my enthusiasm for gardeneing as everything is getting battered and waterlogged.
    Anne x
    Take care
    Anne x

  6. I'm glad it was a photo heavy post! Loved seeing all your favourite pieces, I too like those mini foxgloves, such stunning colours.
    Lisa x

  7. Fabulous photos, looks like you had a fantastic day.

  8. Aww we are so pleased that you enjoyed your Christmas present! You & Dad deserved to have a lovely time - we all love you so very much! Charlie had a wonderful birthday - thank you for coming and making it special
    H x x x

  9. Those mini foxgloves are fabulous...such a great picture.
    Julie x


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