Sunday, 13 May 2012


Can it be a whole month since I last wrote a post. I was so diligent when I first started this blog and though I certainly haven't lost my enthusiasm and thoroughly enjoy reading other posts I do seem to find less and less time to actually write. And as you will know I am not usually lost for words!!

Any way I am just sorting out my pictures from the most enjoyable holiday on the Isle of Wight which I will share with you soon, so thought I would break my silence and show you a few bits I have been doing recently.

I am a subscriber to Molly Makes and though I do not love everything about the magazine occasionally something just hits the right spot. Well the recent article on needle felted 'Petite Pooches' created by Gretel Parker did just that!

My first attempt was OK though he turned out about twice the size he should.....

 I gave him to my DD who didn't seem to mind his size....

My second attempt was a little nearer the original I think.....

 I just love him and have called him Claude..... just one of those silly little things that I really enjoyed making....what about you just go off on a tangent when something catches your imagination or are you a one craft being and stick to that.........?

As well as these little things I have made more slippers, some for my grandson...

and a pair for a darling little little baby whose path in life is not going to be the easiest....

His were named but these are the same design......

Well now I am off to make an Iggle Piggle blanket for Charlie. He has a little 'In the Night Garden' book with Iggle Piggle in and he is so attached to it I decided to make him his own comforter. I have therefore scanned a picture of Iggle Piggle, converted it to embroidery and am about to see if it works out OK....I will show you the result later (that's if it's not a disaster)

Have a good rest of the weekend and I hope the weather next week is a little kinder to everyone, though I have to say this weekend here has been a great improvement.

Jenny xx


  1. Love these little dogs of Gretel's - keep putting the Mollie Makes to the top of the pile to try and encourage myself to make one! Dear little slippers, too

  2. Love the little needle felted dogs, they are very cute! I can never stick to one craft, I have to try everything I like the look of! The slippers are really sweet, I love the starry design. :) x

  3. Some lovely makes there Jenny. I really enjoyed my browse through your last few posts. Quality even if it's not quantity! I too buy Mollie Makes for the same reasons as you and made the three nice mice which were in it a couple of issues ago. I love the Petite Pooches you made from this issue.
    Lovely pics of your travels, always interesting.
    Thanks for it all,
    JoZarty x

  4. I'm still getting to know my new sewing the childrens slippers!

  5. So cute! They look beautiful. Thanks for visiting x

  6. I love Gretel's blog.

    I think we're all more "productive" at the start and then it settles into a pleasant rythm of posting when we want rather than rushing to the laptop to post about lady calls it blogging without obligation which I think is a great name because we have so much that the must/oughta/should do, its nice to keep blogging for when we want to do it and then its nice relaxing me-time and not a chore.

    I hope things are chugging along well with you- I love reading your posts

  7. I love your little dogs, I want to have a go at this but it looks too hard! yours turned out great :) have a happy week sweetie

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  8. What a sweet blog and your little shoes are adorable! Off to peek around more. xo

  9. We seem to have parallel lives LOL. Your puppies are so cute and love the slippers. The shoes in your side bar are beautiful.


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