Sunday, 15 April 2012


You know what its like when you plan to go out for the day and somehow cant seem to find just the right place.... well Easter Sunday was just such a day....
This was our friends only day off over the holiday so it wasn't that we had any choice.
We first intended to go to Wansford to the Nene Valley Steam Railway, take the train to Ferry Meadows near Peterborough and spend the day walking through the nature reserve.... But no, first there was the weather, or rather not...drizzle, dark skies and bitterly cold, and then we found that 'Thomas' was making a show and although we love children, trying to get a train to anywhere when he is about is almost we sacked that idea.

As a last resort I had a quick search on the Internet for anything within an hours drive that might interest us and found an Antique Collectors and Vintage fair listed at Lamport Hall. I have to say it was more 'we might as well' as anything else but I am so glad we went...

The hall itself is delightful, with what looks like stunning gardens although we didn't explore them on this occasion. We will be going back though and they are on our to do list.

The stalls were actually set up in the stables and court yards, almost all indoors (though it was still freezing) and we were very impressed with the variety and the number. From bric a brac to vintage to true antiques there really was something for everyone.
On top of this there were enough stalls serving hot snacks and drinks to warm you up (you could even have a carvery if you didn't mind eating it in a tent!) and even a small farm museum.

All in all a great day out and I even found a few bits to bring home.

The super little glasses complete with original box were only £1....what a bargain, and I love the melamine egg cups! The pink and white pottery is Masons vista  which I collect and display on my dining room dresser. I don't often find pieces now I dont already have (in my price bracket), so I was pleased to find these. ....And the little book is a program from the 1937 coronation of GeorgeVI to display with my vintage coronation mugs. A nice little haul least I'm pleased!

There is another fair there August Bank Holiday. Run by Antiques2Go it would well be worth going if you live anywhere near Northampton. You can get all their details from the website

Hoping you have all enjoyed your Easter breaks and for those of you with small children...they will soon be back at school!!

Jenny xx


  1. We had Lamport earmarked for the Easter weekend too Jenny after seeing it advertised when we went to Buckingham Vintage & Handmade Fair a couple of weeks ago. Sadly I was ill that weekend (typical for a holiday weekend!) and missed it :-( Glad you enjoyed it .... I think they do another later on in the year. x

  2. Great photo's from the fair Jenny! We had egg cups like that when I was young :-). Such a pity my mum no longer has them. I really like them!

    Happy new week,

    Madelief x

  3. always nice to have a day out AND bring home some goodies!

  4. Hi Jenny, I've just been catching up here :D

    That does look like you had a great day out. I have an Aunt who lives nearby, I wonder if she has ever visited there.

    I've been admiring the little Union Jack shoes pictured on your sidebar. I knitted a pair of Jubilee themed baby shoes for my giveaway (which ends today) ... I'd love some feedback on the design from a fellow small shoe maker :D


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