Monday, 20 February 2012


No not another journey through my past, this post is far more literal......

I have finally decided to say goodbye to

 the brunette with the red fringe.......

farewell to the auburn bob.... and hello to whatever lies beneath...

Having dyed my hair for the past 25 plus years, I am now getting fed up of the four weekly badger stripe and just generally fighting what is obviously a losing battle!

Over the years I have gone from straight as a die long brown locks, through the beehives of the 60s, the perms (OMG did I really do that!, just ask my DD she will confirm this horror phase) of the 70s & 80s which cost me a fortune, only to find in my mid 40s having decided to opt for the 'easy' option of a bob that my hair had decided to curl on its own and I have been fighting this ever since.

So enough is enough...

Of course my vision is classic elegance ...

 Meryl Streep in 'The Devil wears Prada'

Or perhaps short and choppy.....

 Meg Ryan

but I fear the reality will be more....

so although I have taken the first steps......

don't be surprised if I take to the bottle again sometime soon!!!......

What do you think, cover it all as long as possible or go with the's an interesting debate!

Have a great week, I am working on another tutorial ready for those spring tea parties for next time, hope to see you then....
Jenny xx


  1. Go for it! And save up all the money you save and splash out on something special! I used to have highlights put in my mousey hair, when the grey began to creep in and I wanted to try and disguise it, but I gave up a couple of years ago, because I hated having it done (ooh the pain of having your hair dragged through the cap, the nasty chemical smell and the horrible wait, wondering whether it will go wrong!) My Mum's hair looks fab in its natural grey/white, as does my sisters, so I hope mine will be eventually.

  2. Let me know how you get on as this is a constant debate I have with myself.

  3. I like the lighter look for you and a change is as good as a rest.
    I opted for an ash shade, one stage away from grey, from the Naturtint colours, a natural tint with no ammonia or other harsh chemicals, available from health food shops. I do it myself and with an ash shade it tones in the sprouting roots. (Take a look at my pic on my blog) I can recommend the product as it leaves hair healthy.
    Good luck!
    JoZarty x

  4. hiya- have to confess I've taken THE step this year and gone from a mass of auburn curls (curls my own, auburn dye courtesy of the Organic Hair Cafe!) to an ultra short grey crop.
    All began well but alas the curl has retuned with a vengeance and I now appear to be wearing a small fluffy cloud on my head!
    However, I worked out that with what I save on the hairdresser, Bruce can have a new saddle (method in my madness) so if you see a woman looking remarkably like a sheep wandering around Dorset, you'll know its me!!
    Baa for now

  5. Hi Jenny,

    So courageous! I enjoyed seeing you on the photo :-)!

    Have a lovely new week,

    Madelief x

  6. Hi Jenny,

    Just read your comment. Thank you! I am almost all grey too :-) There is not much blond left.

    Good luck. You will look lovely!

    Madelief x

  7. Love the transformation, I have never had any colour on my hair, trouble is if I started I would have to maintain it all the time and im not sure if I could be asked! :)

  8. I too have this dilema and my pal and I discussed it at length at the weekend! I know I am white underneath, but I don't feel ready to let go of my trademark dark hair (and with my eyebrows, I'd look like Alistair Darling)- I admire you very much! Keep me posted. xxxx

  9. You look so lovely in your pictures!
    Your bob is so cute.....I'd say try it...and if you get fed up you can always dye it again!xxx

  10. They do say your complexion changes as you get older and your hair changes colour. So I am sure your new hair colour really complements your skin tone.

    I haven't had my streaks done for almost a year now and honestly thought I was still a bit blonde, maybe it is just my eyesight that is failing (with all the other bits and bobs on my body LOL).

    Judging by that last photograph I think it looks great. Embrace the new you - it's FAB!
    Hugs, Neet x

  11. Love your little cottage!

    What do do with hair?!? Mine is real short because it's baby fine and there's not a lot of it. I've also let my hair grow out to it's actual color - and along with that comes the grey. Funny, it really doesn't bother me! I think you will find the same thing too. The last photo of you looks great! Enjoy the new you.


  12. LOL!! I nearly fell out of the chair with that second to last photo! You are wayyyyy too beautiful to look like her. :)
    Funny thing is that I had this very same conversation today with a customer who let her gray hair grow out after having to dye it every 3 weeks. It looks amazing and frames her face in a natural way. I've thought about letting mine grow out, but I am afraid it would be all curly like my granny's.


  13. It looks fabulous :) Really suits you!

  14. If you are curious then let it be natural, if thr end result isn't what you wanted then there are plenty of other colours to try!
    Lisa x

  15. your new hair color really suits you!

  16. Looking good :D

    I've been greying since my 20s, but use a semi permanent colour, easy for me as we actually go white in my family so there is no need to cover anything steely. My hair is died an ashy blonde, my natural colour, and no one much seems to notice that it pales over the weeks between colourings. I've said I'll be ready to let the white shine through when my eyebrows follow suit!

  17. A lovely tribute to your sister.
    On the hair front..looking pretty..suits you very well : )
    Much love Catherine x

  18. Lol! Yes mum those perms in the 70s and 80s were amazing!! (think Leo Sayer!) You HAVE to do a post on your hairdos over the years - there have been some corkers!! (I have some photos you could borrow *snigger*)
    Heidi xx


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