Monday, 13 February 2012


OK so I know its supposed to be tulips, but I'm a little early for that!..
 We found our snowdrop walk here....

 Do you remember Doddington Hall , we first found it last year, although we live very near we had never visited before.... It looks a bit different in the snow...very striking ,very beautiful...

and an amazing amount of colour for the time of year....

and the snowdrops...bless 'em tried their best to stand proud against the snow!

Since we last visited a home decor store has been built alongside the farm shop and restaurant, which incidentally are separate from the actual hall and gardens. Which means of course that you can visit these without having to actually pay the entrance to the hall. The Farm shop is brilliant with a really good selection of local produce, preserves and cakes and the restaurant is excellent, both the quality of the food and the atmosphere.

I didn't succumb to any of the goodies though except these....

early Seville Oranges

 and so tomorrow I have a little job to do...not that I have been a slouch lately.......

Just a few of the latest girls wedding /party shoes that I have added to my on line shop. I have really enjoyed doing them and am now starting on some new cushions and needle cases with an Alice in Wonderland theme and some Union Jack goodies...Well you have to take advantage of 2012 don't you, we wont get many better opportunities to wave our flag!

Hope you all have an enjoyable week (especially those on half term break).

Jenny xx


  1. I can't believe there were so many colourful flowers in such snowy conditions, isn't nature amazing :) Your new shoes look gorgeous
    Sue Xxx

  2. Hi Jenny, it's a shame snowdrops are the same colour as snow! we are waiting to go to Burton Agnes Hall at Brid to do their snowdrop walk, maybe this weekend? love the shoes, clever old you!!! jennyx

  3. hi Jenny, we're a bit "famed" for our snowdrops here, and Kingston Lacy House (our nearest neighbour) has many varieties and runs snowdrop walks before the House opens to the public at Easter.
    We have them growing wild all around and massed in the garden- such valiant stalwarts hunching their little shoulders against the cold, I always wish they had an easier time for their little lifespan but they seem to relish their lot!

  4. Hi Jenny. Lovely pictures of Snowdrops. Have not seen much around my area,but maybe i'm not looking hard enough :) Love your shoes,makes me wish i had small feet :)

  5. The snowdrops look so delicate!
    Hope the marmalade is scrummy, on toast with butter, what a treat.
    Lisa x

  6. So nice to hear from you again. I am trying to write a summary of my posts in English, because of more foreign followers. So now you don't have to read funny and strange google translations any longer:)) Well, my English is not that great, but probably better than Googles attempts.
    We have probably 3ft of snow here. I'm longing for spring now
    Have a wonderful Sunday.


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