Monday, 7 November 2011

TYING UP SOME LOOSE ENDS.........literally

Hello lovely people

I do find it most heartening to read on the blogs of very talented people, who I consider to be very organised and methodical that even they have projects discarded for something new lurking in the bottom of their knitting basket or sewing pile.
I personally have to admit to flitting from one current 'love' to another with no shame at all!!
That jumper I have been knitting to wear when I go walking is still in my knitting basket 11 months later....., I have found baby hats unfinished, sewing projects all cut out and pinned and crochet started in a moment of boredom which is growing at a snails pace having found other more interesting projects..

so.... well I thought I had better start to do something about it...of course that was after I had just run up this latest project inspired by one of my recent birthday presents...

Remember this......

this delightful little gadget pouch was bought to hold my kindle, however as I already have a leather case for it which can remain in place when I am reading, I was rather torn what to do. The kindle will not fit in here with the leather case on, and because I absolutely adore the pouch I am loathe to use it for the kindle as I would have to remove it when reading and would be devastated if I left it somewhere!

And then I had a brainwave..... I had been sorting out my knitting basket (hence the discovery of the skeletons in the bottom) and there were all manner of small items..crochet hooks, stitch holders, circular needles etc. tangled up in there and I suddenly thought of a new purpose for my pouch...and of course the fabric was just perfect....and then my mind went into overdrive. I needed more of this fabric and quick....
A search on the Internet soon revealed however that this was not going to be as easy as I thought and in the end it was the good old US of A that came to my rescue. I managed to purchase just enough of a fabric which was now discontinued to make this....

Et voila......The knitting needle roll as excellently described in this tutorial has enabled me to tidy up the rest of the knitting basket, and encouraged me to finish some of the projects lurking there....and to tie in their loose ends.....

 my poor neglected tea cosy now takes pride of place in my kitchen....

and my crochet blanket looks like it stands a chance of getting done this winter!......

Of course there are still those baby hats, that jumper.....but come on I have made some progress you have to admit!!!

Well before I wish you good night I am going to make a plea on behalf of my lovely daughter and her partner aka 'GiddyKipper'. If you have not met them before you can see what they get up to here....I will let them tell you more.....

As a partner and being part of the award-winning Weddings at, Giddy Kipper are thrilled to have been nominated in the 'Special Touches' category of the Wedding Ideas Awards 2012. Last year we made it to the final 5 and would be delighted to reach the final again with your help! You don't have to be a bride to vote - we'd be extremely grateful for the support of our wonderful customers! (for any categories you don't wish to vote in, scroll down to 'no answer') Thank you!
 Thank you in anticipation
Jenny xx


  1. I adore the tea cosy but you are making feel guilty I have loads of half finished projects that I should get back to.

  2. ooops, think I'd better get back to finishing that knitting project!

  3. Your teacosy is gorgeous and so will be your blanket. I am a bit like you i start projects then i start something else because you need a rest from it. I think its good as long as we do finish them in the end and get that happy feeling ;-) Happy making dee x

  4. Well done on your tidying up job and your teacosy is so cute!

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  5. Well done on your finishes...we all have those projects...sitting ...waiting! By the way this is my first visit to your site...I found you through another and I ma your newest folllower;0)


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