Monday, 21 November 2011


Well it certainly seems that our Indian summer is over.... Yesterday we went for a walk by the River Trent at Gunthorpe and though it was quite foggy it was almost magical...

Looks freezing doesn't it....but that was foam from the weir, not snow...though it was barely 4 degrees!!

We tried to stay clear of the fairy rings....didn't fancy being whisked away looking such a fright!...walking jacket, boots, fleece hat....and dripping hair!....

And just look at this on earth did that happen......

We really enjoyed our walk though and finished off the day with a visit to one of our favourite garden centres where Christmas has already arrived  (reindeer - stuffed, skating rink and decorations from the bizarre to the downright tacky!!) and then a warm meal and home...

But it has got me thinking about my 'Christmas Theme' this year.....DO YOU THEME??...

I am rather taken with all these antique style decorations that resemble old mirrors where the silvering is flaking off, glass and white and white painted twigs....a veritable winter wonderland.....Whats your favourite thing this year.......

Jenny xx


  1. Lovely pictures, love that tree! Theme.... Christmas.... no, I did try once, but there's far too many wonderfully shiny, glitzy, mismatched goodies to be had out there, and too many precious memories wrapped in tissue in the attic (at the mo) to even think about it again.... I do like reindeer this year though!
    Sue Xxx

  2. I very much theme and more or less change it each year. I like that old mirror look, I think its called mercury glass? Last year Dunelm had candlesticks, candle holders and baubles, so I was very much sorted. American bloggers seem to favour it, I love the look too.

  3. Lovely photo's nature is so wonderful. Having a retro home i don't really do theme's anymore. I love the colour around me ;-) dee x

  4. It looks really beautiful and so utterly freezing that I'm thinking about adding another layer and I'm nice and tucked up at home!

  5. How beautiful the country side looks in the mist! I have a white Christmas theme this year :-)

    Happy new week!


  6. Wow, that twisted tree is incredible! I can't say I've ever tried a Christmas theme - I find it hard enough work just digging out the same old decorations every year.... maybe I'm a bit of an old Scrooge really:)

  7. Love your photos, we have had loads of mushrooms on the garden this year! my theme is silver, grey and white :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  8. I too love the flaky silvered effect on candle holders and tree decs and I've made yards and yards of paper chains and a couple of christmas buntings, can't wait to put it all up!! Lucey x

  9. Looks so lovely. How magical seeing a fairy circle.

  10. That foam really looks like Ice. I've decided to go red and white for the table this year, last year I was purple and gold.

  11. I keep reading posts about the imminent arrival of Christmas ... I could've sworn it was months away, please don't tell me I'm wrong ;D

    The tree is amazing!

  12. Hi Jenny,
    I'm a few days behind, but working on your ornament for the exchange right now. Sorry I don't have your email address, just want to confirm you're still interested. Send me a line at
    thanks so much,
    Dannyelle @

  13. Such beautiful photos...the mist makes them look so dreamy.

  14. Really lovely shots, you have captured the atmosphere so well..


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