Tuesday, 25 October 2011


Afternoon all
I hope you are all well and that you mums are coping if your little 'angels' are still on holiday. We have been lucky to have our grandsons to stop last weekend, very hectic but fun too and our eldest is coming again to have some time on his own on Thursday and Friday so grandad and I had better recharge our batteries!

Well with you know what just around the corner I have been sewing some more of my felt decorations in the evenings and I thought some of you sewers might like to try some for yourselves. The bigger children could perhaps make some too under supervision. Perhaps small running stitches could be substituted for the blanket stitch to make it a little easier for them.

Gingerbread men Tree Decorations


Gingerbread man template (either draw freehand or search the web for gingerbread man picture and you will find loads of images to choose from, just print off and cut out )
Ginger coloured felt
polyester filling
2 small cream buttons
2 round black beads for eyes
Strong thread,( either contrast if using blanket stitch or matching if stitching together with overcast stitch or running stitch )
about 10" string or 1/8" wide ribbon if preferred
9" spotted ribbon for bow

First cut out 2 gingerbread man shapes using your template and pin together. Starting slightly to one side of the top of his head start to join the 2 sides together with your preferred stitch (I love the look of the blanket stitch, but you can do what is easiest for you)

Continue all around the shape until about 3/4" away from the start of your stitching. Do not cast off or remove needle. Using the blunt end of a skewer or crochet hook or similar carefully start to stuff the figure. Begin by using small amounts of stuffing and stuff the feet first. Don't try to put too much in at once or you will not get a smooth finish and your poor gingerbread man will look all lumpy!. Continue up the legs and then into the hands and arms and finally the head. It does pay to take your time with this step.

Once you have him firm but not too solid, take your string or ribbon and fold in half and knot the end. Push the knotted end into the opening and finish off the sewing making sure that a few stitches go through the string or ribbon to hold it secure.

Next you need to sew a smiley mouth. I used stem stitch and the same colour thread as my blanket stitch, but you may prefer to use red.

Finally sew on the 2 small black beads for eyes, attach his buttons and tie a smart bow round his neck. You may need to trim the ends of the ribbon on an angle to stop fraying and to get the perfect size for your pattern.


One fairly cute tree decoration. Of course you don't have to stop there as you can create other variations. How about a snowman! White felt and just an extra piece of orange felt cut into a tiny triangle, folded in half and stitched down the long sides to form his nose. Carefully stuff with a tiny bit of stuffing and stitch firmly in place.

  I made his scarf out of a piece of red felt, cut into fringes at the ends and substituted black buttons. I also sewed a running stitch mouth as this looked more like a snowman I thought!

I hope you have a go, they are quite relaxing to make and will look fab on the tree at Christmas....or then again you could make several, make a ribbon loop of only about 1/2 " and thread them onto string for a great garland to decorate the mantelpiece.

I would love to see what you do with them!

And of course if you don't sew, you can always purchase some from my Folksy or Etsy shops.....I would even make a garland if requested, just email me.

Well I am off now to finish cutting out some huge curtains, I may be some time........


Jenny xx

PS I do apologise for the quality of the photos. It was my boy's birthday yesterday and I left my camera at his house. Have had to borrow DHs to do this and it's not quite as easy to use as my own!! Mr gingerbread man's bow is a beautiful pale green spot, but you wouldn't guess from these piccies!


  1. That's one cute Gingerbread Man :D

  2. What a beautiful tutorial, you sew so neatly :) I want to have a go myself now...
    Sue Xxx

  3. Super cute!!! I decorate with a lot of "gingerbread" at the holidays.
    Happy birthday to your son!

  4. Those are adorable!!! They would make cute little presents too! I hope your boy had a lovely birthday, my little gal sure did! x

  5. Hi Jenny,your felt makes are lovely,Ive been busy making felt things this week,I find it very relaxing too.Thanks for the tutorial on yours ,Im going to give these a go,when I ve got Halloween out of the way!Have a lovely week,xxxjulie.

  6. Love, love, love the snowman!
    Hope you get your indoor line fixed up soon, this weather means we definitely needs one, or 2!
    Lisa x

  7. Ack - this is adorable! Thankyou for sharing it.

  8. What a fab tutorial. Thanks for sharing it.
    A x

  9. aaww made a load of felt decorations for my tree last year and a gingerbread man being one of the designs. I have to say i love the snowman idea and i will be trying this one for sure ;-)) dee x

  10. Such lovely clear instructions. My grandson is visiting and I think we shall be making some this afternoon!

  11. Well these are just darling! Thanks for sharing the how-to!


  12. they look so fantastic, shall be giving it a try in time for Christmas

  13. Gosh Jenny, this wonderful tutorial has almost made me, the ultimate hopeless sewing klutz get out the needle & thread!
    Millie x

  14. I can never resist a cute gingerbread man!

    Victoria xx

  15. Great tut and easy for the tree xxxxx

  16. They are so cute and thanks for making a tutorial!

  17. What a great idea - I will definitely have a go at some of these!

    Thanks for the tutorial.


  18. these are great jenny! and would be lovely for the ornament swap ;) speaking of, i'm glad to have you this year. I giggled at your email because i'm the same way-- i can't help but fall for a good swap :) but i promise you won't be disappointed... it's our 3rd year to do this swap and lovely friendships are made... it's what keeps me hosting <3 and i'm so excited to have you!



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