Monday, 3 October 2011

AND SO WHAT HAVE YOU ALL BEEN DOING............ for me it has really been a mixed bag....

First I did a bit of sewing.....old skirts getting a bit snug!!............

Burda pattern 8213, great now that they include seam allowances, used to hate it when you had to mark your own, 'cos it doesn't matter how experienced you are, they never seem (sorry) to end up exactly the same width!!  I only made this out of cheap cotton (£3.99 a metre) as I wanted one in a hurry, but had forgotten how much I like this style so am going to make a couple more in needle cord for the winter. (That's next week according to the weather forecast!)

Then I had a birthday, and was spoiled rotten as usual......................

Books, DVDs and quirky collectibles, what more could I ask for.......Thank you to my lovely family and friend, how well they know me......the cute Tea Cosy and the Kindle Cover were found by my DD on the Internet....she always manages to discover something really different. Don't get me wrong I love everything, some things were on my wish list and others were a lovely surprise.

And finally a visit to the Antique Festival at the Peterborough showground last Saturday...... I can honestly say I ran out of money before I ran out of things I would have liked to buy! Still I am very lucky to have been able to add all these gems to my collections...including more babycham pieces paid for by my DH, even though he had just spent plenty on me for my birthday......

Couldn't resist the Peter Rabbit picture, not only is Beatrix Potter one of my favourites, but to have him advertising slippers...well there was no choice, in my sewing room it will go....

So do I count my blessings....I certainly do, and not just the lovely gifts, but all the love with which they are chosen and that respect I am truly a millionaire......

I know I did say finally, but there is a bit you will know if you read this waffle regularly, we have just had some windows replaced at the back of our house...well, although it certainly wasn't planned yet, we have now started redecorating the kitchen, and since my cupboards are all free standing and hand painted, we have given ourselves quite a task......but we are half way there now!!....and it will be nice for Christmas......hopefully !

Off now to catch up with a few of your blogs, while I have a spare evening. I was supposed to be adding some new slippers to my shops, but who forgot to take the photographs in all this beautiful sunshine....You watch it will be really overcast tomorrow....

Jenny xx


  1. Here's wishing you an old fashioned greeting of "Many Happy Returns of the Day"! Looks like you had a wonderful birthday and I love all your fab gifts. You have thoughtful family and friends.
    I too have had a great weekend with sunshine, a workshop, a friend visiting and a Stamping Show visit.
    JoZarty x

  2. That looks like a good birthday haul :) Belated Birthday Wishes x

  3. Happy birthday! It looks like you got some fun things!! I love going to antique and vintage sales!

  4. First of all we love that skirt, it is a lovely! And Happy Belated Birthday! You really got alot of nice things for your birthday, love that babycham. We would love to see your kitchen makeover with lovely Christmas decor!
    Have a great week

    Laura and Michele

  5. overcast here today!
    I've been getting stuck into knitting lately- any excuse to pick up the pins and do some rows!

  6. Happy birthday to you! loads of fab presents lucky you and loads of great buys from Peterborough :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  7. Wow - you look fabulous in your skirt my dear! Happy birthday too!!

    Great finds - I'm so very jealous ;)

  8. Hi Jenny

    Happy Birthday! You've had some lovely things. The knitted robin caught my eye. I too love Beatrix Potter.

    Isabelle x

  9. I wish I was crafty enough to tailor my own clothes. props to you!

  10. Hi Jenny,happy belated birthday. What gorgeous presents you received. I love the skirt you made,it will be lovely in cord too. thankyou for your comment over at mine,I tried to explain in the comments section but dont know if it makes any sense? I hadnt bought the golden colour in the begining so the pattern wasnt working ? I cant seem to find the words this evening :) juliexxx

  11. Hi Jenny!
    Thanks so much for your sweet comment on Noa's little movie, she loves to make them;
    I see that you had a bday, so happy belated birthday! Lovely presents you had, my bday is next week, I already got a great new camera so I'm already spoiled, I love it!
    Also, we where both in Lille, I always go for the last 5 years now, but if you would make the drive over to this side of the canal, I would recommend Kemmel in Belgium, it's always the same weekend as Lille, first of september, but it's much cheaper, and do-able (about 10km).
    Anyway, off to bed now for me, have a good weekend, Maureen

  12. Happy birthday!!!Many nice presents:-)
    The skirt looks lovely!!
    Hugs from Anette♥


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