Monday, 26 September 2011


Why does the time go so slowly when you have to work (at things you don't really like), but rush past at the weekends and holidays?

The highlight of our weekend, after a fairly quiet Saturday was a visit to the Stamford Antique Fair on Sunday.
We've been before, but generally we've seen lots of things that we liked (out of our price range!) but not too many that we really fell for within budget. This time however it was more a case of being selective!!

As you've probably seen if you've visited here before, I do have a penchant for old toys, especially tin ones and it's rare to find any genuine examples now at reasonable prices...there are always of course the exceptions and this one is my most favourite to date......and it works

However I really don't expect to come across many like this now, but on Sunday I was in for a nice surprise. Not quite so mechanical but they do wind up......and move.....

And then these, not tin not mechanical but my how kitsch.....

and there little heads nod....if anyone knows anything about them I would love to know more...

a bit more Noddy.....

And finally a great find in brilliant condition and one that will be investigated by my grandson I have no doubt.......

He really will wonder what 1d and 1/3d is.......

We finished our lovely day with a walk by Rutland Water amazed at how suddenly Autumn seems to have arrived........ and gazing at the spectacular sky....

 before we headed off for tea in a beautiful country pub........

Well off to list a few things on Ebay now, need to make a bit more room as its the Antique and Collectors fair at Peterborough showground next week.....1700 stalls..........oh dear think I might have to find a few more things to list after all................................

Have a good week
Jenny xx


  1. Fabulous fun finds. I really love that little cash register. Look forward to seeing what you find next week.
    JoZarty x

  2. Wonderful toys, I love the old-fashioned tin toys. I especially adore the till that is so cute! I am sure your grandson will love playing with it, much nicer than the plastic ones that sell for lots of pounds. Lisa xx

  3. Oh I love the till it's so cute!!!

    Victoria xx

  4. Love your finds, especially the tin toys. I collect them too!

    Madelief x

  5. I always wanted a toy till when I was a child, but never got one :-(
    Do you realise the lady is a souvenir of the 1980 Moscow olympics?

  6. Love your tin toy finds, especially the carousel and the till. And the lady and the fish. Oh all right - all of them! Are those dolls 'Kewpie' dolls perhaps?

    BTW could we have a link to your Ebay listings please?

  7. I have that russian tin doll - however mine no longer works :(

    Re your comment on my blog - I can't remember when I last read so many books - probably holidays in France long before the boys were born!

  8. The carousel is such a good find and how lovely that it still works so well.


  9. Gorgeous tin toys, what lucky finds. Somewhere in the house there are some tin swing boats ... I should look them out :D

  10. Hi Mum! *waves from snotsville*
    LOVE that cash register...might be investigated by your daughter too! ; )
    By the way...did you tell all your lovely followers that it was your birthday yesterday???
    H xxx


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