Friday, 9 September 2011


Well if you're anything like me the answer to that will usually be yes! But as a food lover I am really concerned about these recent reports of the growing number of cases of obesity in the young,
I know we are supposed to be in a recession and there are loads of families struggling on low incomes but the facts from the 40s and 50s show that even in those days of severe rationing, when many families lost their breadwinners we were one of the fittest and healthiest nations in the world.
The reason being that we had to eat what we grew and processed food with no real nutrition but plenty of bulk was simply not available!
As parents and grandparents we have a responsibility to show our young that healthy home cooked food doesn't need to cost the earth (literally), needn't be bland, doesn't have to take hours to cook and needs no fancy gadgets to prepare. Whats more including children in the preparation can be fun and good training for later in life.

And so I am eagerly awaiting delivery of my copy of  HUNGRY? the innocent recipe book for filling your family with good stuff.

If their smoothies are anything to go by, we are in for a culinary treat,and as a hands on granny I am looking forward to sharing the pleasure with my grandson.
These short videos will give you a taster (pardon the pun) and they certainly have got my attention.
The books RRP is £20 and is now widely available. Check back soon and I will let you know my personal verdict, but if you can't wait to get hold of your own copy I will be pleased to hear what you think.

Veggie burger




Jenny xx


  1. This summer ('What summer?' I hear you say!) my cooking seems to have gone to pot with us eating the same boring (but wholesome) meals day in day out! That book looks like a good one for new inspiration for everyday meals, so might have to have a look and see if it should join the groaning shelf of recipe books!
    Have a good weekend!

  2. I am so in agreement with you here. What's difficult or expensive about simple foods with real nutrients I wonder. I rarely take more than 30 minutes to cook a meal less time than it would take to queue up for a take away!!! Rationing might be the answer as it was in the post war years when we were apparently healthier and fitter than ever before or since! Guess that it wouldn't really be an option in current times though eh?!

  3. Hi,
    I think if all parents/ grandparents were like you we would have healthy kids, it's a shame that some parents don't think about the food they give to their kids.

    I started a students grub blog along side my other blog as my friend was interested in making sure her son, who was off to Uni, made some decent meals for himself. So I hope i'm helping in some way to ensure some young people know how to make easy, quick meals that are healthy and don't cost the earth!

    Very interested in the book!

  4. I love this book, the recipes are great, things children (and grown ups) want to eat, and there are lots of fun pages too x

  5. this is all very well but it has got me feeling hungry - and I only had my tea an hour ago!! ;)

    Good thing Sue from @home is coming around to see me later, might have a legit excuse to get the biccies out (not very healthy I know...)


  6. My daughter loves to cook. I think this is a great new revolution :) XOL

  7. It looks like a great book! I think as the health situation reaches crisis point here, people are looking for more ways to get back to basics, to eat the right things, to grow their own veggies and herbs, etc.
    I'm working on losing some pounds the healthy way: smarter food choices and increased activity.

  8. My lot love their smoothies, so am looking forward to seeing what you think of the cookbook.

  9. I think the learning about cooking has been lost... Home economics at school isn't what it was when I was at school 25 years ago... Kids don't know how to peel veg let alone cook it... My 13 yer old was taught how to make a pizza with a ready made pizza base... And when you can feed you kids at burger king for a £1 a burger... People are going to not bother making any effort.. It's a sad state of affairs and will take a lot of changing... If schools and hospitals can't even provide well balanced meals families are really going to struggle... After all it's way to slide the contents of a frozen box of chicken dippers and chips into an oven for 20 minutes... :(

    I look forward to reading your review... Xx

  10. Hi Jenny

    It is something that I too feel strongly about. The way most of us shop has changed too much quick fast foods are consumed. I involve Miss P when it comes to cooking and baking. It is so imortant otherwise how will they manage in later life, will they just buy pre-cooked all the time?
    I love cooking from scratch and using fresh organic produce. I am very anti chemicals, especially on food.
    I look forward to reading your review on the book!
    Isabelle x


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