Monday, 15 August 2011

FERRY ACROSS THE MERSEY..........................

And we did.......

What a great few days we have had in Liverpool. I had never been there and quite honestly had no idea what to expect, however from the moment we arrived at our hotel......the Atlantic Tower....

we were full of anticipation......and we were not disappointed!
Our room was on the 10th floor with a panoramic window overlooking the Mersey.....Wow!

we saw everything from ferries to cruise could almost sit here watching all day........

But we didn't.... we took the tour bus to see the sights, went on the 'Eye', visited the free museums in the newly refurbished docks, went on the ferry and even drove a brand new Range Rover through one of the docks (and it was full)!  A great idea between Range Rover and the City to raise money for the NSPCC, and very successful it seemed too!

It was like being kids again on one of the better school trips. We did lots of walking, a little shopping and far too much eating!! The people were some of the warmest and friendliest we have met and made us feel very good on yer Liverpool you did yourself proud.

We stayed here for a couple of nights and then moved to just outside Runcorn for our third and last night.
And what did we do to round off our delightful stay...what else but visit two car boot sales and two Antique and Collectibles fairs on the way home.

This was my little hoard of goodies. I fear I have made so many great finds just lately that I am soon going to need an extra room or two despite the fact that DH and I have the whole place to ourselves...still it was great fun finding them

The sewing bits in the tin apparently belonged to an old lady and the girl selling it first asked for 20p each for the reels of cotton. When I asked her what she would take for the whole tin, she said £1.50. A few hours later those wooden cotton reels were on sale at the antique fair for £6 each.....I think I did well there!

Well as if this wasn't pleasure enough for one person my week has only improved as today I was able to meet up with my Australian cousins who I met two years ago through doing our family tree. It was brilliant to see them again and as usual I think I did most of the talking!! They're off home soon, so I hope they have a safe and pleasant journey.

Well off to bed now to have a read, getting to the end of my book and its really hard to put it down.

Have a great week

Jenny xx


  1. I have been wanting to go to Liverpool for ages. I'll put it on my list for next year. I just threw away a load of those cotton reels - oops!

  2. glad you had a good time.. your hotel looked fab.. i live in Runcorn, we could have passed each other!!
    ..cant believe i missed the antiques and collectables fair.. i always miss it!!

  3. My friend recently stopped in Liverpool and like you, she raved about it. Might give it a try, great post.

    Amanda x

  4. Glad you liked your visit to Liverpool. I don't hear many good things about my Birth place so it's really nice when someone appreciates it.

    Love all the things you make!

  5. Oh what wonderful treasures - vintage toy items are so collectible! Very cute things!

  6. Hello Jenny

    Liverpool certainly looks different these days: I think I might pay it a visit.

    I love Noddy in his little car: it' amazing that anyone could have parted with him.


  7. I love going to Liverpool. We are probably going to pay a visit next week.

  8. Hello :D I did enjoy this post. Liverpool is our closest big city - we live in North Wales - and two of our four children were Liverpool Uni students. How nice to read good things about an often under appreciated city. And I love your vintage buys :D

  9. I would love to go to Liverpool, your review makes it sound great.... maybe one day! :)

  10. It looks like you had a really good trip - I have never been to Liverpool, but you never know, I might just make it there soon!

    Pomona x

  11. Ive never been to Liverpool ,but it sounds like a great place to visit and if it has vintage treasures like the one's you bought,well even more reasons to go :)
    ....X Manda X....

  12. Looks like fun and I love your tray! :)

  13. I have been on a ferry across the Mersey, and back again! one of my friends worked in Liverpool for a while in the 80's and we saw all the sights. I wish it were nearer, as it is a truly wonderful city.....
    I love the tea caddy (and I don't even drink tea!)

  14. Wonderful finds! Love the car. Love a good antique fair!

  15. I came to your blog via Annie (Wipso's)... Great post about my wonderful hometown Liverpool and your visit. So good to read as we often receive such bad press when there is so much that's good in this city.
    You've only seen a fraction of it all so get back here PDQ and be sure to contact me when you do. I'll tell you places to visit that you would not otherwise find.
    I often post about my visits around the city so keep an eye out on my blog.
    There are 9 museums and galleries to visit.... all FREE entrance. We have two Mersey Tunnels, two cathedrals and two football teams too!
    Sent with love from me to you...
    Jo x ( a Proud Scouser)


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