Tuesday, 17 May 2011


No lovely readers I am not closing my doors, though goodness knows how I manage to keep rabbiting on...but I do.

No, this was our sad goodbye to Northumberland. I have been to many places over the years but this holiday will be remembered as one of the most active, informative and wonderful breaks of them all. Don't get me wrong I love our beautiful Islands and there must be many places I haven't visited that are equally as dramatic and varied, I speak only of my experience.....so far!

Well since my writing can't compare to the rugged beauty of the place this post will again be picture heavy.
Our last two days were spent at Cragside and on a trip to the Farne Isles.....

Set in the most dramatic parkland.........

 among towering trees...

stunning Cragside House, the home of Lord Armstrong and his family the Victorian inventor who was the first person in the world to use hydro-electric power to light his house and run things like automatic roasting spits and even lifts! His inventions were many, too many to list here, but I think his biography would be well worth a read. The house was occupied by the same family until it was rescued from decay by the National Trust, at a time when they only occupied the top floor flat. Although the rest of the house was in a dire state, all of the original furnishings and fittings were still there. It means that restored this is now a true example of Victorian taste and indeed ingenuity.

The engine that powered all his amazing devices... including these spits.....

and some of the amazing rooms....of which there are many...well worth a visit....

....and so to our final day, which after a very breezy but sunny week, delighted us by turning the turbulent sea into a mill pond for our trip to the Farne Islands......

...birds...lots of birds.....


The original home of Grace Darling...how bleak is that!.....

....and my beloved puffins......sigh!!....I don't know what it is about them, their cartoon look, their cuteness, but I could watch them all day....
However everything must come to an end as did our holiday and this far too lengthy post, so if you are still with me.....well done for persevering......

Next time I have an abundance of CB and CS finds as well as some little gems picked up at collectibles fairs...so go and get that well deserved drink now.....

Jenny xx


  1. What a lovely holiday! I love northumberland it has very happy memories fof me. Have you seen the new Emma Bridgewater puffin mug? got a day off today so am turning my attention to Buttons!! jennyx

  2. Love these pictures, especially the close ups of the puffins. You've really whetted my appetitie to visit Northumberland now. We were thinking of going this summer, but are going to Slovenia instead!

  3. What a beautiful house, I would love to go there. Thank goodness the N T rescued it in time and to find all the original furniture, I would of loved to have been the first person to have a nosey!!!!

  4. phew, thought you were off there at first peek of the title!! haha! anyway, I couldn't agree more about Northumberland, absolutley beautiful places as your photos show. I had a friend visit recently and I never thought of Cragside - that'll have to go on the 'to visit' list, living so close yet never having been is something to remedy this summer!
    BH x

    (PS - LOVE those puffins!!)

  5. The North East coast is a well kept secret isn't it. Glad you had a great time. PS My mum isn't moving house - we were just imagining it. She says the only way she will ever leave her home - is in a box! xxx

  6. Oh look at the puffins!!!!

    Victoria xx

  7. Looks like an amazing place to visit, my list of places I must go see is growing and growing :)
    The puffins do look rather cute and I'm looking forward to the next instalment Justine x

  8. It sounds wonderful and I so want to go to Cragside House now. Beautiful photos x

  9. Gorgeous posts. I would love to see a puffin, they are so cute. Tamara x

  10. What a fantastic blog - your pictures are great! I've always wanted to visit Northumberland so it's lovely to see your photos! I've been checking out your beautiful slippers too! How cute!!! All the best, Kim x

  11. Fab photos :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  12. Cragside looks like a place you can really imagine people living in.
    Lisa x

  13. great photos glad to hear you had a good time. Thank you for your kind comment, (having a down day)

  14. What a lovely blog, your Northumberland pix match ours at home so closely, we usually stay in Berwick - castle hotel (LS Lowry was a regular there - but keep it quiet)
    We Love all the places around there not forgetting barter books too!
    Thanks for reminding me how beautiful it all is - we are overdue a visit.

  15. wonderful images what a stunning place...i so love the house...thanx for sharing x

  16. Hello Jenny

    I'm so sad that this is your last post about Northumberland: I've been enjoying your photos and reports. Please return soon and send us more.

    Homesick Anna

  17. I really enjoyed this post, I love Northumberland, I'm rather jealous of your puffin photos, I've been to the Farne Islands but never timed it when the puffins are there. x

  18. Oh my goodness!! How truly blessed are you to be able to visit such an incredibly beautiful place!!! The birds are just amazing and I love puffins, too. I just found your blog thru Swedish House and I look forward to reading some of your past posts. : )

    ~ Wendy


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