Monday, 23 May 2011


Evening all

For any of you that follow my posts, you will know that my daughter's family have just moved out into their new home. It feels very odd to have the house to ourselves, and for it to feel so big and empty.  Of course it is neither, A reasonable size, but with a few rooms that are definitely shall we say currently looking very minimal. However that will not be for long as the following piccies of some of my recent finds will prove. I have already installed new beds in the 2 bedrooms they have vacated and am about to gut what was their first floor sitting room to turn it into my new sewing room. I will post about the progress of those later, but in the meantime here is my recent haul (not bought all at once I might add) CS, CB and fair finds.......

Utility china

sauce boat to go with my Sylvac dishes...

Hubby bought me the chicken because it reminded him of Kellogg's go with my advertising collection...I must say I agree and have come to love him..(the chicken not the husband..)

a Beswick bunny....just because!...(least I think its Beswick. It looks like Sylvac but has no number on the base!)

a couple of pieces of retro kitchenalia....

my latest love.......he's just so cute....

and a couple of pieces for my DDs new home..retro of course. The pictures aren't great but it was getting late....The most expensive of these was the scales, currently retailing at about £33, for the princely sum of £7.60..good old Ebay

Finally a sneak preview of one of the rooms about to be revamped, its all very exciting like starting again, now wheres that paint pot!!....

Hope you all have a good week and manage to stay anchored in this wind.....

Jenny xx


  1. Some stunning finds there Jenny.

    What a gorgeous room to be revamped. Love the windows. Looking forward to your progress reports.

    Pam x

  2. hi Jenny,
    looking forward to seeing the revamps. Love the Utility china.
    Hope you're keeping well

  3. Oh can't wait to see how the room looks when it's had it's "makeover". Noddy was my childhood favourite, I love him and big ears too. Lucey x

  4. Hello Jenny

    I think I might have a serving plate to match your green cabbage leaf bowls. It's a huge round leaf with a dip or sauce bowl fixed in the center. I haven't really used it, but it was a present from someone very dear to me.

    As for the bedroom: I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun doing a make-over so that you get a room just the way you want it.


  5. You have found some wonderful items :) and reminded me that my Grandma has some cabbage leaf bowls hidden away that she promised me ages ago!!

    Love Noddy & his car - as you can see from my header I've still got my childhood one :)

  6. Can't wait to see the finished room :) love your buys, I have a rabbit like yours but mine is in creamy brown colour.

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  7. Some great pieces. Can't wait to see the make overs.

  8. Love the Beswick bunny, what a lovely little face.
    Looking forward to seeing your makeover on the empty space x

  9. hi jenny,

    what cute things you have here!!! and very unique, too.

    thanks so much for the happy comment on my blog. so appreciated!


  10. Stunning finds there Jenny. Can't wait to see the make overs.

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  11. What a fun project to have and you've been buying some fabulous goodies to accessorise with.

    Can't wait to keep updated with the progress,

    Victoria xx

  12. What fun to have all that extra space. The sewing room is the most exciting part I think. Have fun finding new homes for your treasures.


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