Monday, 9 May 2011


Hi lovely readers
Despite the fear of boring you all rigid here is part 2 of our recent trip to Northumberland.  I have kept it mostly to photographs as I think they tell their own story.

Stunning Bambugh Castle, can't have too many photos of this.....

Imposing Anwick Castle, formal gardens and water features......

and no visit to Anwick would be complete without a visit to Barter Books...and yes I did get a copy of the original poster!....

another day and a ramble from Craster up to Dunstanburgh Castle, wild and fresh with stunning views....

Well I do hope you hung on in there, I have only one more post to do showing the amazing Cragside House, home of Lord Armstrong the victorian inventor and the first place in the world to use hydro-electric power and for me the ' piece de resistance' of the whole trip, my first sight of my beloved puffins.

Have a great week, mine is very strange as after more than 12 years my DD her partner and my grandson have just moved into their new home and DH and I are on our own for, would you believe it, the first time in 44 years!!!  DH is getting very concerned as my 'plans' for the reinvention of our house appear to be growing every day, so that will be something to share in the months, (or should that be years) to come.

Jenny xx


  1. Wow, that's some stunning scenery you've captured there, might have to have a ramble up sometime, thanks, Lucey x

  2. Great photos, you couldn't leave without buying a poster really could you?! :) i have one myself.

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  3. Great photos, I do enjoy looking at castles.
    Hope all works out for your family in their new home and that you get to put your plans into action!
    Lisa x

  4. Its one of Briatains best kept secrests that coastline. Its really lovely. Don't be falling out on your own!! xxx

  5. I love all that coastal scenery - I can almost feel the wind in my hair and taste the salt! What impressive castles! Good luck with your home reinvention, and also to your daughter and her family in theirs.

  6. I have been to Bamburgh ...many moons ago! It is a beautiful place.
    I have a friend who lives up there and he frequently walks on the beach there...what a way to to spend some time, forgetting all your worries!
    I wish it was nearer for me!! ;-)

  7. Fabulous pictures! Love Love Love them xx

  8. Ohhhh it not fair I want to go.

  9. Lovely pics. I'm very keen to go to Northumberland again. I once went on a day trip to Holy Island from Newcastle.

    Ooh, looking forward to seeing what you do when you revamp your home. xx

  10. Great photos! I love Bamburgh castle, we went on holiday there when I was little and loved it! :) x

  11. Hello, I've just discovered your blog through Jenny's Red House blog. Looking forward to following you and reading about any revamps you might do your home. By the way I live not that far from Kings Lynn :) x

  12. You have done Northumberland proud with your lovely photographs....I think you should work for the Tourist Board!
    Glad you saw the puffins too.
    Looking forward to Part 3 and certainly is a spectacular place...especially now when the rhododendrons are in bloom.
    Julie x


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