Saturday, 20 February 2010


Hi there
This is my very first blog and no doubt I will look back on it in a few months time and wonder how many of those glasses of wine I had drunk before I started so you'll have to forgive me if I ramble on a bit. I want to share my love of life, sewing, days out and of course the bottles of wine on the way. I have called this first post Nanny's Sunday Teas because way back when my children were small we all used to go to my in laws house almost every Sunday afternoon. Sometimes there were just the four of us and sometimes gangs of us but the lasting memory is of warm sunshine, cricket in the meadow and delicious Sunday Tea. Cucumber, salmon or ham sandwiches followed by nanny's homemade cakes served on floral tea plates and cups of tea made from real tea leaves. Of course there were quarrels between the children and sometimes the adults but on the whole it was such a warm and comforting experience and one which even though my children are all grown up now they still remember fondly and often talk about. I think its great that although they are both very modern and up to date that they still appreciate that even the simplest things can bring such pleasure. Well its getting late now so I will sign off. Next time I hope to have some pictures of some of my latest projects and some of the super vintage finds I have picked up recently.

Good night all

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