Tuesday, 23 February 2010

HI HO! HI HO! Its back to work I go...

Well who'd have thought that having waited 43 years to retire I would land up back as an employee before I've even had time to practice being a grumpy old woman. There was I fondly eyeing up those CK and Orla shopping trolleys to get my own back for years of bruised shins and ankles when my daughters employee suddenly gets pregnant. What's more I volunteered!!

Seriously though today has only been my 3rd day and it's not at all as bad as I imagined. Even got DH cooking dinner! Now that's a bonus.

I've decided to be very philosophical about my depleted free time though, more money means more shopping and collecting and visiting charity shops (doing my bit there, but have to confess I always feel the winner when I find some treasure) and of course more car boots and collectible fairs, and since these are usually visited at weekends I think I can cope. Talking of lovely treasures I have put a couple of pictures of some of my latest finds over on the side. A collection of goodies to display in my kitchen and a piece of nostalgia to frame. I have lots more and will take some more piccies later.

Bye for now



  1. Hi Jenny

    I've added you to the swap, so glad you decided to join in, I hope it will be great fun. I'll pop the swap partners up a little later. I hope you enjoy your new little job, and get to buy lots of treasures. xxx Pixie xxx

  2. Hello - nice to meet you! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I'll be back to find out how life, work and the bottle of wine are going!

  3. Ooh I think you have a fab blog here - just perfect!!


    Sarah x

  4. Hi Jenny, lovely to meet you, I'm looking forward to this tilda swap too! my email address is
    marlislil@yahoo.co.uk. I will await your details. I am off to read your blog now, I am so jealous of your retreat it looks lovely. Kind regards. Lisa x

  5. More detail than twitter!!! Nice to know people actually read your blog. Am in awe of the studio/shed in the photo - I want one of those one day!!! Enjoy your return to work - slave drivers I bet!!! Becky


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