Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Return of my sewing mojo

Well it seems giving myself a mantra for the New Year is working. Not only did I finish the cord skirt, but have now made the jersey blouse and the grey sweatshirt! Forgot to take pictures though!

Haven't tackled the shift dress yet as I don't suppose I'll need it in the next few weeks according to our weather forecasts. So I've started on some sweatshirts for my grandsons.

I bought this navy and white stripe sweat shirting on line at the end of the year and hadn't got around to making it up.  It's lovely to work with and this sweatshirt hoody is so quick to make up.
I printed the free pattern from Shwin and Shwin for Charlie the youngest, and will buy the older size for Alfie as I can see it being used over and over.

The hood is lined which gives it a nice touch and the pattern suggests ribbing for waist and cuffs but this time I've decided to shorten both a little and leave them plain. I quite like the effect.

I was so keen to get on, I didn't think what I was going to use for the lining until I had the main sweatshirt cut out. All I had was some turquoise jersey or some mid navy, neither of which inspired me, but rooting about in a bag of old tee shirts I was discarding I found just the right shade of yellow, and it's perfect!
Just have to try it on now and do final fitting and I can get it hemmed and handed over.
So next of course is Alfie's, I think I will raid the tee shirts again to see if I can find an orange green or purple for his hood lining as they are his favourite colours. Perhaps I won't be throwing out those old tee shirts in the future, but storing them in my stash!

Finally I do have to confess to one purchase, a denim skirt in Marks & Spencer's sale. At only £14 reduced from £35, it was a bargain and what's more for once the fit is perfect. However I'm still on track as makes are 3 to 1 at the moment!!

Well that's it for now. I am off to help hubby fit the sides of the new cupboards he has already built and plastered in his new room. It seems his building mojo has also returned as I can't believe what he's already achieved in the last few days
Have a good week, I'd love to hear from you whether it's sewing related or just to say hello!

Jenny xx


  1. Hello Jenny, lovely to see you. Your stitchery is looking good. I think I may have bought the corduroy version of your denim skirt! xx

  2. Really love this sweatshirt, Jenny. I'm trying to start sewing again but circumstances are conspiring against at every turn. It's so satisfying to find a use for something isn't -I have a bag of discarded t-shirts,too, and have used them for pocket linings and facings and even made knitting yarn. Keep up the good work.

  3. Thanks for calling in on me this week and for your lovely comment. I really enjoyed making my little peg doll characters. I bought mine from..... but you can get some really good sets on eBay depending on how many you are wanting. Hope that helps.
    Annie x

  4. This sweatshirt is wonderful!! Clever you!!x


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