Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Autumn fashion....Yes Please!

I seem to be having a skirt fest at the moment!. Despite the fact that as a hands on nanny I spend most of my time grovelling on the floor, or leaping about like some mad woman playing on the wii and therefore am more likely to be in my jeans, I do like to wear skirts and dresses.
Over time my taste has gone from the tailored smart to the comfy casual, preferably with thick tights and boots!
My pattern of choice at the moment is the pencil skirt from Angela Kane. After downloading a couple of her free patterns, which I quite liked, I decided to sign up. Now for just £25 joining fee I can download as many patterns as I like. Since there are about 28 ( and new ones being added) I think, that's not bad value at all. One of the best things though is the you tube tutorials. Even as a fairly prolific sewer, I have learned some excellent tips and short cuts.

My first attempt....1991 curtain fabric! I love it and am tempted to make a coat too. I have enough material!!

 You only got the bottom of this photo 'cos I was pulling the most stupid face!

A lined wool tweed, and a close up of the back pleat which I much prefer for Autumn/Winter skirts, much less drafty!

I also made an unlined brushed moleskin with patch pockets, but I loved it so much its been worn and is now in the wash.

I have made another Ponti dress.....

I wouldn't have thought of wearing the mustard with orange, but couldn't be bothered to change. However since the scarf does have both colours in I might be tempted. At least its very Autumnul!

In between busily sewing cushions, bunting and Christmas decorations for our next Olive & Edna pop up shop, I have also downloaded a 1940s dungaree pattern which I hope to wear on the day.......

Saturday 15th November 2014

I'd better get a move on or I could be wearing them with the pins in still...not a good look and somewhat dangerous!

If you are in the area do pop in if only to say hello and taste the wonderful cakes!

Jenny xx


  1. You make beautiful clothes Jenny. They look lovely on you!

    Madelief x

    1. Thanks Madelief, you are always so kind and encouraging!

  2. and your skirts (outfits). I particularly love the yellow one! :)

    Jane xx

  3. Not seen your blog before, but that mustard dress looks wonderful. I saw an advert at the weekend, can't think where, and it showed these two colours together, a cardigan and something with it, perhaps a scarf or shirt, but I thought then they were colours not often seen together, but they looked great!
    I'm also of a certain age but find it difficult finding clothes not designed for children or the crimpline cardie brigade with sheep-like woolly perms!
    Margaret P

    1. Hi Margaret, always lovey to meet someone new. You would think the rag trade would have cottoned on to the fact that they have a vast market among us not so young but definitely not old brigade. So in the meantime i will continue to 'make my own'. At least I know they are unique.

    2. I am totally hopeless at sewing and so have to buy my clothes, but I buy quite rarely and have only recently had a bit of a splurge. I found that some of the clothes in Crew Clothing were to my taste, not too formal and not to ditsy, either. I like their jersey Emms dress (I've bought it in two colours ways, blue and white and blue and purple) among other things, but a mac I have just bought (online) in their Sale will have to be returned. Why do manufacturers think that if we need something a bit wider across the boobs that we've also grown arms the length of a gorilla's? I hate too-long sleeves that just show the tips of my fingers!
      The advert for the mustard colour combo was for Kettlewell clothing, by the way. Not only can you buy from their ranges, such as knitwear, skirts, trousers, etc, but by colour, which is an excellent idea.
      Margaret P

  4. A coat would look marvellous in that floral fabric, go for it. In between your other projects of course.
    Love the orange and mustard combo.
    Lisa x


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