Sunday, 23 June 2013

Hwyl Fawr i Cymru

OK that was Google translate helping there, I hope it is correct for 'Goodbye to Wales' as I would hate to offend anyone. But as I like to try to speak a phrase or two of their language where ever I visit, I could not let Wales go without a try!
The last leg of our Welsh adventure took us across the Elan valley to Aberystwyth via the Devils Bridge. Words really cannot do justice to the scenery here so I will let my pictures (for once) do the talking...

These stunning views changed dramatically at one point as we came upon these 19th century abandoned mines. I believe lead was mined here and in others close by copper.....

They have now been designated areas of particular archaeological interest and much of it is fenced off. But what you can see is a stark reminder of the conditions that men worked in to extract these precious metals.

Our journey continued on to The Devils Bridge. There is a pretty story about the 3 bridges which are built virtually on top of each other.You can read it here

Again the views were spectacular and even though there had been much less rain than usual leading up to our visit the water falls were magnificent...

 And then finally we arrived at Aberystwyth, what a wealth of lovely architecture....

And the natives were quite friendly (especially if you shared your fish and chips )...

 So with a beautiful view of the bay we said goodbye....for now....but we will be back....after all it is in my blood.....Stormy Johns from Pembroke I am sure you have been watching me discover your beautiful country, and perhaps you are smiling a little, though I have yet to venture that far south!

Hoping I didn't lose you all on the way, it was another marathon...

Jenny xx


  1. The scenery is stunning, we've never ventured there, but really must :) xx

  2. Lovely pictures, you and your other half look very happy together : ) We tried to find the Devils Bridge, many, many years ago, before sat navs etc, and we never did find it. I think that was the same trip we ended up sleeping in the back of the morris traveller one night, instead of the tent!

  3. It is at this point where my DH becomes extremely jealous. The Morris Minor and the traveller are his passion! He only collects the models at the mo, 200+ and counting but I will not be surprised the day he comes home with the genuine article!

  4. Spot on with the Welsh there :) lovely photos looks like you had a lovely trip x

  5. Wow what a stunning place, the photos are beautiful especially this views! I've never been to Wales but I do hope to go one day :) x Hayley-Eszti

    1. Well you are in for a real treat if you do!

  6. One of my favourite haunts - brings back many happy memories of childhood holidays. Next time a trip up Constitution Hill would be highly recommended, the views from the top are spectacular and if you were feeling particularly energetic it's lovely to walk across to Clarach Bay or even further to Borth where the beach is much nicer there xx

  7. I shall note this for future visits. It's always good to get others ideas about a place and no saying what other gems you may discover. Thanks for the tips.

  8. As you say stunning and spectacular describe that landscaped to a tee.
    Lisa x

  9. Never been to your part of Europe, but wish i will one day. Wonderful place to visit. <3 loving your visit on my poor neglected blog. xxx


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