Thursday, 20 June 2013


I am so excited that I have almost completed my samples and designs for my new wedding/christening/party outfits for all your little princesses.
Initially I will be offering the floral spot dresses in the green, chocolate brown and red colourways with contrasting flowers. Brown sash with red flowers on the brown and red sash with green flowers on the red. Though they can all be interchanged at the customers request.

I am also making some plain dupion silk and taffeta dresses in the same design in white, turquoise and candy pink.
They will be embroidered with daisies and butterflies on the top of the dress, and the matching shoes and headbands will have freestanding butterflies. I hope to be able to show you these next week. Just waiting for some habby supplies to finish them off!

My other new products are Baby bear boxes. These are for new babies, baby showers etc and contain a pair of first size shoes and a hanging bear to decorate a crib or pram. At present I have made them in just pink and blue, but I am open to suggestions.

There will also be a teddy garland consisting of five teddies on a ribbon, the same teddy but about half the size, to hang on a cot end or decorate a nursery. These new products will come in gift boxes so perfect as a new baby gift.

I have so enjoyed making these and couldn't resist letting you have a sneak peek.
I hope to have them for sale in the next couple of weeks, and they will hopefully be sold through the Fab Little Shop, which is a new Children's on line shop full of talented designer makers being launched any day now.

Well back to the machine, my head is now buzzing with new ideas and I haven't felt this motivated in ages.

I would certainly welcome any comments.

Jenny xx 


  1. Lovely products! I love the little shoes! Are your products CE certified? That would be my only 'advice'! You wont be able to sell the stuffed toys without a CE certificate, it is a legal requirement for all 'baby toys' or products that 'look like toys' and appeal to babies! xx

    1. Thank you. I am sorry that you have commented Anonymously as your advise is very well received. I had not even considered that my little bear hangers would be classed as toys. I am now in the process of checking out all the relevant information and have even found a site where I can buy all my supplies already tested to EN71 and with certificates you can copy. I will have a chat to my TS office in the next few days and so should be fully compliant by the time I launch them. Thank you once again. A real minefield!

  2. LOVE those dresses! My girls are all grown up now but I'd be queuing to buy if they weren't.

    Have you thought of trying a neutral colour for the baby shoes? I've been taking a few commissions for my knitted booties and a number of people have asked for greyish-brownish colours, e.g. one lady identified the colour she wanted as 'beaver'.

    1. Thats just the sort of invaluable information I come to expect from all you generous bloggers. I will certainly be considering a neutral range as well as the classic white. Thanks for the lovely comment too, its always great to get some encouraging feedback.

  3. These are adorable and
    you are one very talented
    lady, Mrs. Briggs!!!

    These are sure to be
    big sellers on your
    new site ~ perfectly
    sweet little gifts : )

    Love your verve and
    spirit and it's fun to
    have peeks at your
    beautiful Blighty, as

    xo Suzanne

    1. Thanks Suzanne. I am thinking of having my name changed to Mrs Briggs, although here in Blighty people might think I had suddenly gone into catering (reference old TV programm called Upstairs Downstairs, where Mrs Briggs was the head cook). Winnibriggs is in fact the name of my house and not mine own! However it does make me smile when I get called such. Thank you for your very kind comments and I hope to entertain you with another Welsh post very soon!

  4. Lovely outfits Jenny. The green polka dot dress with the matching shoes looks very sweet. You will make a little girl very happy!

    Madelief x

    1. Thank you. I hope they will appeal. My great niece modelled one for me the other day to check fit etc and she loved it so much, except it was the green and her favourite colour is red. Guess what I am making to give her as a present for being so good! I hope she likes it as much as I do.

  5. I love the green dress and the shoes absolutely gorgeous they're going to be a big hit I think!

  6. The dresses are perfect and I love the the baby sets but neither of my nieces want to know what they are having so I wouldn't know what colour to choose.

  7. There you see Annie of Knitsofacto was right ! I need a neutral colour themed box too. Will be looking into that!

  8. Jenny they are adorable the shoes are so cute ... the ones with the butterflies sound lovely, can't wait to see them ~ Sarah x


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