Sunday, 21 April 2013


Ooh it seems to be ages since I went a-rooting through a proper car boot, so when DH suggested that we head off to Hemswell I was not going to complain.
The sun shone, though the wind did make an appearance, bringing with it a dust storm which will no doubt take all week to wash out of my hair, but it was lovely to be outside again. Hemswell Cliff to give it its proper name, is on the way to Gainsborough. The site of an old airbase, several of the buildings are now Antique and Collectors centres with a really good mix of furniture, jewellery, pottery and vintage ephemera.
Every Sunday they also hold a Sunday market and car boot sale. There are masses of stalls and I think probably something to suit all tastes.

Today I managed to pick up a few pieces so I returned home a very happy bunny...

 Forgive the photos, I am afraid I left it a little late to take them and the light was failing fast......

 First I found this sweet plate from the Masons seaside days range. I love these vintage images anyway but since it was a Masons, which I collect, though mainly the pink vista, and it featured a Morris Minor, our favourite vintage car I just had to have it. DH collects Morris Minor models, so once he gets his own 'den' set up I think it will be disappearing to hang on his wall......

I then picked up the 3 final books in the Beatrix Potter series to complete my set....and all for just £2.....They look lovely on the display shelf that I found some time ago......

Finally the two items I am most pleased with....

Vintage green melamine...a butter dish and a lemon juicer, my collection is growing....

my unfitted kitchen is going to need some more shelves before long.....

Well I think that sums up my haul this time, oh except for a rather nice vintage necklace..

It is actually grey but has a slight gold tinge to it. I was wearing a khaki jacket today and it looked great against that so I can see it being very useful.

Well I hope you all had a good weekend and that the sun shone for you as it has for us. We actually got to sit out in it on Saturday, in fact it was so nice I had to deny myself the pleasure of cleaning!!.Mind it hasn't gone away so no doubt the pleasure will be all mine again this week.

About time I turned in now, but I will be popping by soon to check on what you are all up to....

Jenny xx 


  1. Oh, what a gorgeous stash. the butter dish in particular, is a real find. I LOVE butter dishes, they remind me of All Creatures Great and Small. Everyone had breakfast at a properly set table, with napkins and a teapot, marmalade and...butter in a butter dish. At least that's how i remember it! ;-)

  2. I too enjoy a good "boot" sale.... although we call them swap meets. I buy so much junk I have to bring a small rolling cart to hold my treasures lol

  3. Nice finds you got there! I love the vintage kitchen items. Have a great week!!

  4. Looks like you did very well at the car boot sale. Perfect weather for a good root. Unfortunately I had to forfeit my usual root and go school shoe shopping with my daughter oh well maybe next week. I especially like the melamine butter dish it's great, looks really pretty x

  5. What lovely finds, it seems everyone was car booting on this lovely sunny weekend. The kitchen paraphernalia is gorgeous I can see why you'd want more. Sarah x

  6. I cannot wait to get back into carbooting this year, esp as the weather is starting to brighten up now.

    I love your butter dish, gorgeous!

    Victoria x

  7. You have some great finds here.....loving the vintage green too.

  8. I love the plate that you found!! ;-)

  9. Ooh that butter dish is gorgeous!

  10. The green plastic is amazing!

  11. I haven't been to Hemswell for a long time. The last time I went there were lots of stalls selling counterfeit goods and it put me off. You have certainly rekindled my interest...

  12. Great finds! There's a carboot near here just this morning. I think I might pop over there as the sun is shining...

  13. Ooh what fabulous finds. I'm not too far from Hemswell but haven't been in a long time! x


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