Monday, 28 January 2013


Now before any of you get excited about me spilling the beans re some new love interest, I have to state now that there is only one of those in my life ( in fact for the last 48 years really) and despite the odd wrinkle (wonder if I dare introduce him to moisturiser!) and the sprinkle of grey hair, he can still set my heart aflutter. So sorry to disappoint on that score!...No my flightiness is all to do with my sewing and craft projects...

Having bent your ears about our next makeover and all the things I intend to do, I seem to have got a bit waylaid.......

It is at this point I would suggest getting in your of something, snacks etc...It's going to be a long haul........

It all started about 2 weeks ago whilst out shopping with my DD for her glam dress for the Wedding Ideas magazine awards in London......At which I am proud to announce she and her partner won the 'Best Special Touches' category ....for the second year running.....very proud mum I don't apologise for the blatant plug.

Anyway whilst on our shopping trip I spied a mannequin in John Lewis dressed in  a navy and white striped top (which I have), a navy parka lined with navy and white striped lining (I have similar with a plain lining) teamed with green straight jeans (a lovely grass green not the emerald which they tell us will be the colour for spring!) which I certainly do not have. I loved these jeans, unfortunately they did not love me. Why Oh why do most manufacturers think that all English women need jodhpurs to squeeze our obviously ample hips into.
I am straight at the hips, as are many of my female acquaintances, regardless of their size, and I am not prepared to buy jeans costing £65 that I then have to alter to fit! In truth I would not pay £65 anyway. So the point of this is that as soon as I got home my thoughts were far away from new cushions and bed throws and totally on finding these elusive jeans at a price and fit I liked.
To no avail, and then my friend asked quite simply, why don't make some and I thought why don't I? So then my quest became the perfect pattern and the fabric. I found the pattern at Burda .com, a print it yourself pattern for only $!  Never done this before so I wasn't totally convinced I had done the right thing,

but having battled a little with accurate cutting and sticking together, I did get a pattern I could use and have made up a test pair out of some stretch canvass I had in my stash.

 Although I now know that I needed to make them at least one size if not two less than the instructions advised for my measurements, I am pretty pleased with the outcome and am now awaiting samples of the lovely coloured denim I found on line. .......Yeah they arrived!!

 The only drawback here is that although it is listed as a UK website the samples actually came from Germany! The fabric is a fine but firm denim with about a 5% stretch, and lovely quality and at £9.50 a metre not a bad price either.. It would make lovely skirts too. However if any of you savvy shoppers/dressmakers know where I can purchase similar at a similar price in the UK I would love to hear.

So did this little detour away from my intended projects satisfy? Not a bit of it! Some time ago like many of you I suspect I signed up to pinterest...don't ask me why I did, since I never really sit at the computer for browsing sake and quite honestly have not really got into it. But having done so I now get emails about the few people I followed and what they're loving. Needless to say one of them is my DD and she has done some lovely mood boards among which are a couple dedicated to her sons' bedroom makeovers. For her youngest she has chosen a woodland theme, and there among her favourite bits and bobs was a link to a pattern for some cute felt woodland creatures from little dear.

 You know exactly whats coming next....purchase pattern, purchase felt and start making said animals.......but that was not the end Oh no!....What drops through my letterbox but the latest copy of Molly Makes and you guessed it, on the front are pictures of the cutest fox and raccoon with patterns for making them included.........

I am a Libran and always being told I am indecisive..........Oh I can decide all right ...decide to do anything other than the  pile of things already planned.....When did I say this bedroom would be done....I didn't...Oh good, that's a relief, 'cos goodness knows what urgent new project I might next fall upon.........

That is of course once I finish the magicians cape and top hat for grandson number 1's Magic themed birthday party, and 30+ of these candy white bunnies to pop in their goody bags....... complete of course with candies in their see through tummies

So for now this flighty bird is off to ummmmm...... get a glass of wine.....and then I might just.........

Jenny xx


  1. Wow, you have got your work cut out..... or maybe not quite all cut out yet! I am impressed with those trousers, the last pattern I made up was about 2 sizes too big for me as well?!?!

  2. Well you certainly brought a smile on this wet dull Monday morning. Love the jeans and the idea of green ones...but I'll have purple ones. Thanks for the info re Burda printable patterns. The bunny is such a good idea. Sometimes I find Mollie Makes too simplistic but it is such a good read, such an attractive format and occasionally they print some real gems. These felt critters are just that!
    Try Abakhan for the It's a big warehouse in Liverpool (with other branches) with excellent bargain prices and they sell online too. You could contact them and ask if they stock it.

    1. Thanks for that. I agree about Molly Makes. Have considered whether to continue with it sometimes and then as you say a little gem pops up! I'll certainly take a look at Abakhan. Really prefer to shop British if I can.

  3. the jeans have come out really well. I get sidetracked so easily it's quite scary, such as now, I am supposed to be looking for something on the web not reading your blog.

  4. Oh my goodness you are talented! Well done. :)


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