Thursday, 31 January 2013


Let me say that again OOOH BETTY and I do mean that in the best possible way!!

I won the lovely  Emma's give away, and yesterday I was stunned by the contents of a little package that was pushed through my door. Now if I had known who occupied this package I would have been straight outside to the postie to rap his knuckles for squeezing him through my letterbox.....Let me introduce......

Basil (like a king, royal, majestic) the Badger

He is exquisite, beautifully made, and presented in such an original way, (Badger in a bag). I am over the moon with him. In fact when I entered my comment to be put in the draw I even stated he would be given to my grandson who is having this woodland themed room. But the truth is I don't want to part with him, so he is staying with me for the foreseeable future!!

 The attention to detail and the neatness of the makeup is fabulous. Just look at that little bag and his knitted jumper!! I like to think that I take a pride in my sewing, particularly in the things I make to sell, but this is awesome. 
And of course he wasn't the only treasure to fill my parcel....I also received these beautiful crocheted table mats....

 As you can see one has already been commandeered for the kitchen table...

And this pretty little pack of fabric trim and buttons, which  I will take great pleasure in finding a suitable project for...

So thank you so much Emma, this really was a lovely surprise. (Even my DH is quite taken with him) .

Right off to celebrate his adoption with a wee glass, Cheers for now.....

Jenny xx


  1. Basil is quite dashing isn't he, congratulations on your win I can see why you don't want to part with him.

  2. Didn't you do well! There is such kindness in the blogging world, you have some lovely gifts xx

  3. wow, he's amazing- well done you!
    And thse mats are the perfect colours for your utility china aren't they?

  4. Basil is a very handsome chap, congratulations winning and adopting him :) What pretty doilies too :) xx

  5. Oh my goodness - he is adorable!

  6. Hello there I have been reading your blog for a long time and then was reminded of your lovely work room when I linked to it on the Mollie Makes newsletter. Can I ask you did you buy the lovely storage units complete with the plastic boxes or were you just lucky that the boxes fitted ?and where did you get them from. I have just started to have a go at the felting and am loving it.

  7. What a delightful chap Basil is ... I'd have been hanging on to him too if he'd come my way!

  8. That last line just made me happy, thinking of you celebrating and how your DH is taken with him too ;) he is such a cutie!!! Congrats on your win-- don't you just feel like a million bucks?! you deserve good things.



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