Wednesday, 19 January 2011


A few days ago the new Boden catalogue dropped through my letterbox and as you do I settled down a bit later with a coffee (honest it was just coffee!) to have a browse through. I mentally ticked one or two things, particularly dresses, which caught my fancy, but when I totted up what they would cost me I nearly fell off my chair!!

I do love their style and especially the prints they often use, but can I really justify paying out between £69 and £89 for a simple jersey wrap or cotton dress....

Well as you've probably guessed the answer is a resounding no! what does a girl do but raid her fabric stash and set to........

The fabric I selected was I think very bodenesque (sorry about that) and the pattern one of my all time favourites which I have made a few times......

the one at the back, although I have also made the front one.....

This one was in a grey devore fabric and I think I wore it till it almost fell apart it was so comfortable.  The only thing I found was I didn't like the bodice unlined and so now I line it with the main fabric which helps to keep the neck shape as well.

 ....and the finished article made the same day at a cost of about £ competition really and I am only an average dressmaker, so think what we all could save with a little time and patience....!

Of course having bit the bullet I was on a roll so next a variation for my 5 month pregnamt DD. This is to be a top not a dress and is awaiting fitting.....


The fabric is a very fine jersey with almost a devore look and has the finest gold thread through it which doesn't really show in the picture...

Before I continue though, take a look at the lovely little pin cushion I am using.  If there is one thing which makes my sewing really great it's having lovely notions and accessories.
I bought this....

and this little phone cover..............

From a very talented young lady at.....

Go take a look, her things are so pretty and so well made...

and so........having well and truly got the dressmaking bug I am now making a slight variation of the dress in this....

so I think that may be my spring wardrobe sorted and my wallet saved..........

..........and to celebrate even the sky decided to give a wonderful display just to round off the day.....

Hope you are all finding your creative side now that 2011 has truly started...

Jenny xx


  1. Wow ! what fab things you made, you ought to sell them. Know what you mean about the prices, I was the same with the White Stuff catalogue the other day.
    Sue x

  2. Hi Jenny. I am so inspired by dressmaking blogs at the moment and am desperate to make my spring wardrobe too - not sure which spring it will be though!! x

  3. You are so clever! I think they are overpriced as well and that 'I'm Tamsin and my favourite jewels are diamonds' carry on really annoys me, but am I just being miserable!? jennyx

  4. Gorgeous - and you know nobody else will be wearing it! Look forward to seeing the next in your collection!

  5. Oooh Jenny they're lovely.
    I know exactly what you mean about Boden, I try to pick a few bits up in the next size in the sales for Evie because the kids clothes are ridiculously priced too...I can't even begin to think about paying their prices for a dress for myself.
    Em xxxxx

  6. I always thought Boden was kind of pricey too, but oh to have your talent, I love the dress you made! I got your message on the Union Jack items, right now after getting back from the Uk I am watching the pennies, but I have you 'favourited' and will keep it in mind.

    And speaking of fashion, I think you would love my post today!

  7. Very nice! Where did you get the great knit near the bottom, I think I need it :)

  8. Good work Jenny! Love the fabrics and I too and very fond of jersey wrap dresses x

  9. If you've a quiet moment shall I send you my measurements...I'd hate to think you didn't have anything to do for a few hours...!!

    I can repair, re-style, customize and alter but do you think I can make anything from scratch? Nah- for me it's a bit like following a recipe to the letter, somehow I just can't do it!
    Last thing I made from start to end was my domestic science cap and pinafore at school...and I managed to mess-up both the bias binding and get the gingham inside out (I still can't figure out a right or wrong side for gingham).

    Lovely day here too but sheet ice this morning- 2 cars overturned in the ditch outside the house and I spent the morning dispensing tea and comfort to some people who were VERY lucky not to be injured!
    The gritter dawdled through at 9.30 am- rather late I fear


  10. Jenny, funnily enough I've just been looking at the Boden catelogue. Yes, you're right - v.expensive. The first dress you made is amazing. Gorgeous fabric. I'm in awe of your dress making skills.

  11. I am in total agreement with you making your own lovely clothes at a fraction of the cost of Boden, however, lets not knock Boden too much, they do have wonderful designs and whats more they source beautiful and ethically sound products, much more so than probably any other company in the UK.
    I love the handmade phonecase and pincushion,beautiful. S :)

  12. Just wow - very Boden but at a far more purse friendly price :)

  13. Boden are ridiculously overpriced aren't they. Your dress and top look great - well done. And sounds like you got them together really quickly! dinkydaisy's stuff is very cute!

  14. What fantastic makes. I know what you mean about getting the bug once you get going. I have been enjoying a spot of clothes making too, but I find it so hard to buy fabric that I really truly like. The last lot I bought was from John Lewis for a dress and it cost me £60 - so I may just as well have bought one from said catalogue!

  15. Hello Hello!!
    Hope you are well?
    I must say I agree re: Boden prices! and I love your creations, You are just SO talented. I would LOVE to be able to make clothes.
    I often dream up a 'perfect' dress that is only available in my head and wish I could just make it!

  16. How smart you are to make your own pieces. I love Boden and get the daughter and I look and dream! I'm glad someone else agrees that the prices are out of this world!

    I love the dress and the fabric for the top you made dd is gorgeous!! Nicely done!


  17. Very lovely. The Boden catalogue is lovely, but WAY out of my price range. xxx

  18. Wow! I love your dress! You are very talented,
    Jille x

  19. Love your dress, that knit fabric is gorgeous! Hope you are having a lovely week xxx

  20. Love your choice in fabrics and the dress..... well, it is so stylish ..... you'll certainly turn heads!

    Love the little birdies too!!

  21. I dolike to look at the Boden catalgue, but those prices are too high for me! Your dress is completely gorgeous.
    Love your new buys too.
    Lisa x

  22. The dress looks great! I agree about Boden, lovely things but way too expensive, well done for making your won at a fraction of the cost! The top you've made for your DD also looks fantastic! :) x

  23. Hi, Jenny - thanks for your comment - the pattern I used was New look number 6674. I bought it about 15 months ago, though! It's a useful pattern - I made a couple of tops from it, too. Abby x

  24. how fab to be able to make your own clothes and a beautiful top for someone else too! Boden stuff is lovely but so pricey x

  25. I've passed you the stylish blogger award, you can find the award and all details on my latest blog x

  26. I have had the same idea but a little on the nervous side of sewing with jersey fabric. You have given me the inspiration to have a go, I've also found some fab fabric to make a skirt I saw in the Boden catalogue as well - Thank you!! Michelle

  27. Lovely dresses. I think it's pretty cute :) I really like the green and white fabric near the end of your post. I'm a green and white fan though :)

  28. Wow, these fabrics are so wonderful, they would look great as anything, even curtains. I am really impressed with your sewing! Mine would have 3 sleeves per dress :)

  29. I love your dresses specially the second one, the fabric is so nice!!! Love it.

  30. Wow! I'm so impressed, love the fabric you used for the dress too x

  31. Hi. Really pretty dresses you have made. And your header shows that you have not been lazy. So many beautiful things.
    And YES I have found my creative side again :) Mostly because my broken arm have healed well.
    Now I'm going to visit the link you gave us.
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Hugs from Norway

  32. I think that dress looks just like something from Boden, I love the green and white fabric.
    What a fab sky too.
    Em xxx

  33. Oh, if only I could sew...

    Love that pin cushion! It's just gorgeous.

  34. Oh my gosh, you are so clever! I bet your daughter was over the moon with her dress, they are all beautiful but her one is my favorite :-)

  35. Oh how I wish I could make my own clothes! Maybe one day I'll try and give it a go!

    Victoria xx


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