Thursday, 6 January 2011

ANOTHER YEAR OVER......and what have we done!.....

Well, quite a bit really and so in the time honoured fashion of the best review shows, here is my 2010 in brief........

There was lots of crafting.......

Lots of exploring.....

Bonding with nature........

and enjoying our picture postcard winter...(of course we didn't get stranded, cut off or starved, so our view of it was through rose tinted, if frozen specs!)

 and finally we finished it off with a traditional, cosy family Christmas for which I am very grateful as well as very fortunate to have had.....

and so to 2011....

I have loads of projects planned...decorating and renovating parts of this tumbledown pile....making new curtains and cushions....making new stock for my folksy shop, including a new range of satin slippers for tiny bridesmaids and christenings (photos to follow soon)....

and all this on top of a birth..... (our second grandchild due at the end of May), a family wedding, two trips already booked, one to a log cabin in Northumberland and one to France, so as you can guess my year will certainly not be boring, in fact I may need next year off to recover!!  

Seriously for a minute though, I know how lucky I am, my life, my wonderful family and all my friends and I do say thank you every day that I am so blessed.

I hope you too will all be blessed in 2011 and that your hearts and lives will be filled with love and happiness.

Jenny xx


  1. Lovely collages - what a great year! And sounds like plenty in store for 2011 too! We've just had a new grandchild - it's so lovely, isn't it? Happy New Year to you!

  2. What an excellent synopsis of your year in photos collage. You clearly had a great year. Look forward to more of your sewing, craft and travel adventures this year. Sonia :)

  3. how lovely your year looks, grouped like this.

    I started to do my own review but got slightly annoyed by how much more I had wanted to do, which I know is a VERY bad way to look at it!

    Where do the years go? I looked at our little cat on NYE and realsied she came to us Millenium year, and now she's getting old- surely the years never used to fly past quite this quickly?

    Looking forward to what this coming year will bring and wishing you a wonderful time with all your plans

  4. Love the collages! Fantastic year! This year sounds pretty busy for you too, so much to look forward to! :) x

  5. All really beautiful - you are blessed (you missed out the red wine though!) xxxxxxxxx

  6. Lovely photos and it looks like you'll have another fun packed year. everyone is really positive about this year including me so I'm sure it will be a fantastic one. Looking forward to following you and your projects this year. Hannah x

  7. What a lovely post
    Happy new year to you
    Sue x

  8. I love your collages - would make a great personalised calendar! I am feeling similarly blessed and looking forward to the new year. Hope 2011 will be every bit as good as 2010 obviously was - will look forward to reading about it!

  9. oh my what a lovely year in pictures...and what excellent plans in inspired!!

  10. Love the photos, Jenny. Holidays booked already? Blimey, I must get booking too. Can't wait! Happy New Year!

  11. Beautiful photos, here's to another fabulous year

  12. I love your collages! What a busy year you have had! Heres to a creative 2011! love Annie x

  13. Lovely photos. Looking forward to the next year!
    Jille x

  14. Lovely photos, looking forward to seeing what you do in the year to come xx

  15. I LOVE all of your collages, Jenny! I so enjoyed seeing all of the places you visited during 2010, since I don't do much traveling myself. :) Your home looked just beautiful decked out for the holidays! Your fireplaces are amazing! It sounds like you have another very full year ahead of you... congratulations on your second grandchild! :)
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  16. Really lovely photos.
    Enjoy all you have planned for 2011!
    Lisa x

  17. Wow you had a fab year! And thank you for your link off to take a peek. Kxxxx

  18. fab pics and lots of exciting family occasions to look forward to x

  19. Just to let you know I've given you a blog award, visit my blog to see! :) x

  20. Dear Jenny, what a great year you are lookig forward to! Enjoy it every little moment.

  21. That's a super selection of pics Jenny - love the one of the pluffed up Redwing in the snow. Sounds like you have a very busy and exciting year ahead - will look forward to reading your news. Shaz x

  22. You have been so busy and sounds like 2011 will be just as!

    Hope its a good one for you

    Victoria xx

  23. Hi, followed you here from a comment elsewhere. Love your stitching and will go checkout your store, I would love a Brit flag item.

    I made a similar post myself today, it's nice to look back and reflect on what a year brought, sometimes more than we think.

  24. Lovely collages and great work Jenny! Congratulations. Pilar


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