Monday, 6 February 2017

Baby it's cold outside...

So if you're anything like me you will be hunkering down in the warm, and what better place to do that than in your cosy kitchen rustling up homemade soup.

(of course if I was a true food writer my soup would have had its swirl of cream and snipped chives to dress it up, I was just anxious to take the picture and eat it!)

A few years ago I was lucky enough to be sent a book 'Hungry' by the lovely people at Innocent. I've made several of the recipes over time but the section about soup has made it my go to bible when I want some inspiration.
This sweet potato soup recipe comes from that book and it is deeelicious!! Just the job for warming you up on these cold days. And the added bonus is there's usually enough to pop some in the freezer for another day.
The leek and potato recipe comes from The British Cookbook  which I bought at Asda some time ago and is a particular favourite. Can't seem to find it anywhere but on eBay now!

I know this blog is known mainly for sewing but I do love cooking when I'm in the mood and my kitchen is somewhere I love to be. It is one of only two rooms in the house where I have allowed my vintage collecting to influence the decor, (the other being my sewing room of course)

So do you have any favorite warming recipes to share I would love to hear from you if you have. In the meantime I am off  to snuggle down on the settee with a good book and an equally warming whisky and soda.

Jenny xx


  1. Hahaha, I love your Dutch figurines!! And your food processor! Are you happy with this brand? Still looking for an affordable good one!

    1. Hi Marleen. Its an Andrew James mixer and I am thrilled with it, and at about a third of the price of a Kitchen Aid. I even got mine at half that on Amazon and we bought our daughter one for Christmas because I loved mine so much!

  2. Hi Jenny, I'm just calling by to say thanks for dropping in on me and for your lovely comments. I really love home made soup and am enjoying a batch of chicken and veg soup I made....I alway cook extra veg when I do a roast to make soup with ...yum yum.
    Annie x

  3. OOOh, I love soup! This one sounds delicious! I really enjoy Carrot and Butterbean soup but to be honest, most of my soups are just chuck everything in the pan from the fridge type!!! Your kitchen shelves are beautiful!!!
    Hello, by the way! Tis lovely to visit your blog for the first time!!

  4. You are the winner of the Maisie Dobbs books Jenny!
    Pls could you email me on with your address details and I'll get them off in the post to you this week.
    Lisa x

  5. What could be better on a cold day than some home cooked soup and fresh bread, yum xx


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