Monday, 12 October 2015

What a way to spend an afternoon

Just over a week ago my DD Heidi and I manned our stall at another of Bea's Vintage Extravaganza fairs and what a great day we had.

Yes we managed to sell a little which is always good, but far more than this we met some lovely people and were thoroughly entertained by the 40's Home Front.

We even got to join in the Charleston stroll, though all the lovely dancers put us to shame with their energy and stamina. They barely stopped all day. It was like having our own cabaret show right in front of us, and I'm sure they won't mind me saying their wasn't a teenager among them.
Debbie who organises the event puts loads of work into making it a success for sellers and buyers alike, but it is hard and getting support is a slow process.
I do hope though that anyone who visited and enjoyed the day will let her know on her Facebook page as with her daughter now at school, she may have to stop doing them and I think it would be Grantham's and our loss. We have so little of this sort of event here in the town and it would be great to see more people get behind it. ( And what better excuse could you have to get dressed up!)
There was a good selection of stalls with some beautiful vintage items, vintage clothing, hand knitted toys and decorations as well as vintage cars and caravans and even vintage fair games. We could have  spent all our takings quite easily
Thanks Debbie for a brilliant day. I know our customers seemed to enjoy the whole atmosphere and Heidi and I certainly did.
If a bit of extra help with the organisation is what's needed to keep going you know where to come.

I've been inspired now to run up some vintage style skirts and dresses, so am off to my sewing room.
Have a great week.

Jenny (and Heidi) xxx


  1. It must be hard work like you say getting everything up and running and then spreading the word so people know you're there. I hope they do continue for you they sound like a lot of fun.
    Lisa x

  2. Do you think the general enthusiasm for all things vintage is beginning to wane? A friend who frequents the local fairs here said to me they'd been noticeably less busy this year.

    1. Hi Annie. I think that perhaps in some areas where the vintage thing has been going on for some time, you may be right. However here in sleepy Grantham it's quite a change from the norm and so seeing the enthusiastic way many dressed for the fair I think we may have some mileage in it yet. We can only make our fairs as interesting and diverse as possible and try to offer what our customers are looking for with a smile on our faces and that good old British fighting spirit!

  3. Your stall looks wonderful. I love attending events like that where people get in the spirit of things by dressing up. It takes effort but makes the event so much more fun. I hope the idea of joining in spreads to more of your community. It was fun to see your pictures. I love all things vintage!

  4. Hi Jenny, if you visit you'll find there is something for every day of the year!
    Lisa x

  5. Hi Jenny, thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for you wonderful comment I have to say your home sounds gorgeous to and I adore your kitchen which I can spy on the right hand side of your blog. I have been running success vintage and handmade Fairs in Taunton for the past 3 years and I agree they are hard work but so much fun to it becomes a real family get together once you have been running them for some time. I have decided this year to have some time off from them after moving house so I am only running one this year in December so I have the whole year to enjoy :-) Your stall and the others looked gorgeous. I am now off to take a look around your lovely blog think we have lots in common. Best wishes, dee x


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