Monday, 31 August 2015

Down came the rain!........

Twinwood 2015

Well it soon came round again and we set off eagerly on Saturday morning to our Hotel. (Not as brave nowadays as some who camp for the whole weekend, though if I had an Airstream I could probably 'rough' it lol!)

The weather was quite warm and we had high hopes for Sunday when we had tickets for the Festival, and though it was a little drizzly  it didn't look as though it would be much.

We managed to get around most of the vintage stalls and I was thrilled to find a fake fur stole to wear with my suit for Goodwood in a couple of weeks. That will be our first experience there so looking forward to it, though I know it will be much bigger and far more crowded. I think the men will enjoy the motoring aspect there though.

But back to Twinwood and that initial drizzle soon turned to steady rain, such a shame as the dance floors usually crowded were quite empty. My hat goes off to those stalwarts though who continued in raincoats and with umbrellas! It was quite a sight. The band even called for a brolly Mexican Wave. It was brilliant to see so many folk making a real effort to continue enjoying themselves despite our unpredictable (or should that be predictable) Bank Holiday weather. We Brits do sometimes get a reputation for doom and gloom, well there was no evidence of that at Twinwood, I have never seen so many smiles in the rain.

We stuck it out until we were really beginning to get rather wet and finally returned to our hotel, where we managed to book in for an evening meal. So we rounded off the day nicely and despite it all it hasn't dampened our spirits and we will most certainly be back.

The weather today returning home wasn't any better and I don't envy those packing up damp tents, but I have no doubt that like us many of them will be returning next year full of hopes for a dry weekend, but not really caring if it isn't. They'll still don their vintage and go determined to have a good time.

I know we did!

Have a good Week
Jenny xx


  1. You all look so smart. Glad the weekend didn't dampen your spirits and you still had fun. It really is a pain when the rain curtails so many plans and the hard work people put in.
    Hope you managed to feed your grandsons ok over the hols after the comment you left on my 'to cook' post!
    Lisa x

  2. You all look so beautiful Jenny! Great clothes! Happy to hear you enjoyed yourself, despite the weather.

    Have a good week!

    Madelief x

  3. Lisa, I really don't know where the time has gone. Maybe it was the wedding plans or just that we've packed so much in we've not had time to worry about meal times. Anyway suffice to say I don't remember any major crisis and appear to have emerged fairly sane so it couldn't have been as bad as I anticipated. We have just one week now before both boys are back at school so I think I can breath a sigh of relief after all. Thanks for the lovely comments Jenny xx

  4. It looks like you had a lovely time despite the weather! It's on my to-do list! But then so many other things are too... xx


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