Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Another year over........

Well what a year, and how quickly it has passed. I still cant believe that tomorrow is Christmas day!

Like so many others this year my posts have been a bit sporadic, but I'm not apologising as usually it's been because my life has been so delightfully full that I haven't had time to sit at the computer and how many people would love to be able to say that!
I am so lucky to be surrounded by a wonderful loving family and good friends.

That's not to say though that everything is always good.
This year we learned that my darling boy has tested positive for prostate cancer. He is currently going through tests and being very up beat and we are all rooting for him. What can I say except that if love alone would cure him he would be better already.
...and then to the other extreme...our darling girl is to be married in 2015 to her man of 17 years.

 I can say something now as the save the date cards have been issued and all the important things are booked.
To say we are excited is an understatement. She is to be married in the same church as we were 47 years ago, a proper village wedding which I will share with you in due course.
So 2015 looks like being a bit of a roller coaster but I know with all the love we share we will get there.

So I will sign off for this year by just saying.....
 A Very Merry Christmas to you all and all the best for 2015

Jenny xx


  1. wishing you strength and sending you love to cope with the ups and downs that look set for 2015.
    Rooting for you as always xx

  2. I hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas and that 2015 bring everything good for you.
    love Jo x

  3. Lovely news and not so lovely news, my prayers go out for your son, I wish him well. Mr B is going through the same tests, it's my turn to support him now as he has supported me over the past 18mths living with breast cancer. We are 66 & 65yrs old and have had a good life, the younger ones being diagnosed is unfair they have their life ahead of them. Just to hopefully lift you up one of Mr B's climbing buddies was diagnosed 2 yrs ago, he's gone through lengthy treatment but is seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. He's been a great help to hubby.

    Take care
    Peg x

  4. How exciting to have a wedding to look forward too. And sorry to hear about your boy's news.

    All the best for 2015

  5. A lovely, positive post. Sometimes life throws a curve ball but you do have to count your blessings and get on with it. Heres to lots more positivity for you and your family in 2015 x

  6. My thoughts are with you, having experienced cancer (ten years on, still here, onwards and upwards as they say ...) Let's hope that 2015 will be a good year for you all.
    Margaret P


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