Sunday, 17 August 2014

Autumn/Winter Wardrobe 2014

I don't think I would describe myself as a fashionista, but I do confess to loving clothes. I say that with some reservation though as I really have struggled over the past couple of years to find anything on the High Street that isn't intended for 13 year olds or my grandmother!
I don't consider myself old, but I don't want to dress like a teenager or look as though I have grabbed the first thing that fits me each morning.
I suppose I do go for a more classic touch, but I like a bit of fun with my clothes too.
The one thing I do take note of though is the current colour palette.
And guess what, how rare is this. I actually have a wardrobe full of Autumn/Winter clothes in this seasons main colours.


I do tend to lean towards the greyer palette here, but skirt, coat and  I have trousers too will all get an outing teamed with a couple of new tops.


One of my favourite colours. Again coat and trousers, but also a classic dress and cardigan. Just a scarf and top will soon make them seem new to me and save my purse.


Not always an easy colour to wear, but I have seen this teamed with grey, and it really looks quite fresh especially if you keep it away from your face.

Cobalt Blue

Not too sure about this and certainly not in my wardrobe! Truth to tell though I haven't tried it, so perhaps when I next go shopping I might try something on. I'm more likely to try trousers or skirt, but I won't dismiss it completely


I do have one dress and I like to mix jewel colours together so perhaps with a hint of the fuchsia it might get an outing .

Peachy nudes

I have worn these a lot over the summer and so I am quite pleased they will still be 'in vogue'. Especially since with our unpredictable weather I invested in a lovely jumper which will certainly be useful in the Autumn.


Again I feel personally not an easy colour to carry off, but mixed with other neutrals such as camel and cream, seen in quite a few fashion shows it can look quite stunning and ageless.

There are other colours too, caution yellow, whatever that is! And lime if you want to be really daring, so pretty much something for everyone and every taste .

Do you follow any kind if trend? Or is it only that you won't be able to find any other colours in the shops.
I will definitely be recycling my wardrobe, too much there to consider buying anything else. I will sate my shopping need trying to find fabric to make the tops to wear with what I already have, 'cos to be honest I am rather fed up with thin tee shirt tops from well known companies with a £55 price tag which have been made in China!

Off now to research blouse/ top patterns, as if I didn't have enough of those too!
Still a girl has to have some shopping pleasure!

Jenny xx


  1. Such a lovely selection of colours.
    I have a top with orange and navy flowers and love the combo.
    You'll be looking as fab as ever this autumn.
    Lisa x

    1. Thank you Lisa, you know how to make a girl feel good about herself ( even when she has doubts)

  2. I'd sure shop your closet! Gorgeous colors and THOSE COATS! So pretty! You are indeed a fashionista:)

  3. A bit old to claim that, but I'm glad my wardrobe appeals to somebody!

  4. Just catching up here. My wardrobe is very bereft at the moment so it's good to be inspired by someone else's. My style is a little more casual and I rarely wear skirts/dresses but I'm loving your take on the seasons colours

  5. I love your choices. I hate shopping for clothes and as you say all young fashion styles or things my 87 year old mum would wear. And I begrudge th price too. I don't make much my self nowadays as there are so few fabric shops around.

  6. I love your choices too! I love the cranberry coloured coat and also the way you have coordinated your necklaces! ;-) x

  7. Funny how you can stumble across a blog and without even scrolling down you are adding it to favorites !.....glad I found your choice of colours....teal is my fav ! X


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