Thursday, 3 July 2014

Holy Mackerel.........

Feeling a bit down?...........

Child of the fifties...or just wished you were.............

Loved 'Call the Midwife'.......

Well may I just recommend this tonic......bought it today... for my Kindle...........99P no less, and since dinner I have not been able to put it down!!

HOLY MACKEREL...............Babs Horton

Image from Amazon

The  'Product Description ' had me hooked even before I had read a word....................

Life is looking up for the inhabitants of a small Welsh town. Wales have won the Grand slam, sausage rationing has ended, pear drops are on sale again in Mrs Yandle’s Candy Emporium and a birth control clinic has opened in Cardiff. Then, the news arrives that the Pope has dispatched a band of zealous Irish priests on a mission to eradicate filth and depravity, which is a crying shame because people are just getting to like it. A frisson of fear sweeps through the Catholic congregation and one newly married woman, already in terror of eternal damnation for marrying a protestant heathen, hurries home from confession at the Church of Immaculate Conception and burns her contraceptive device.
Hence, the hero of this story arrives in the world, feet first on a Sunday morning, weighing in at eight pounds thirteen ounces of goose-pimpled flesh, smaller than the Christmas turkey but twice as slippery.
Her mother’s hopes of a sweet, compliant daughter, a golden haired angel in disguise are swiftly dashed by the antics of this dervish of a child with a face like a scalded monkey, the legs of a prop forward and the lungs of Paul Robeson. All that’s missing are the three 666’s on the nape of the neck.
Aided in her unladylike escapades by her cousin Joyce Titley, the oracle of all dubious knowledge, who came last in the Bonny Baby competition of 1946, they set out to unravel the mysteries of life, death, sex, nakedness and the mysteries of menopausal mothers.
Until, an episode with an Ouija board summons the voice of Auntie Mary Muttonchop from beyond the grave, bringing startling news that will change both their lives forever.

Words courtesy of Amazon

OK so I was a child of the era, and so much of the book rings so true, but most of all I have laughed....and laughed and am still laughing!

Irreverent, rude and thoroughly entertaining.
 I have recommended her Dandelion Soup several times on this blog as a really good read, a brilliant tale of mystery and the mystic, and this 'Holy Mackerel' is about as far as you could get from that book, but in its own way is a gem. I thought it was just going to be another tale, but it is more like a diary of growing up in the 50s.

If you are game for a laugh, give it a go, I'm sure you will still be smiling days after you finish it, which I haven't yet so do excuse me I am off to a corner to giggle some more...................

Jenny xx


  1. Hello Jenny:

    This really does sound to be a thoroughly entertaining and amusing read, particularly so when one is able to identify with those post War years. It seems to us just the book to have in one's hand luggage for a long flight or train journey.

    Have a really happy weekend.

  2. Being of a similar generation I must have a look for this as the very mention of pear drops had me smelling their weird smell and tasting them!

  3. hiya!
    thanks for your lovely comment, hope all is well with you and yours?
    Got a bit bogged down with blogging so decided to do a bit less- I know you'll know exactly what I mean.

  4. Dear Jenny,
    Sounds like a really good read { and, I'm afraid that I am a child of the '50's !! } ….. I'm the sort of person who needs book recommendations.
    ….. and, many thanks for your lovely comment today. Have a lovely week. XXXX

  5. Hello lovely Jenny! thanks for dropping by, i remember this gorgeous blog! The book sounds fab! Oh, Call the Midwife. so wonderful. Have you seen the parody on Youtube? They're all in's wonderful! Chat again soon. JS

  6. Will have to try and hunt that book down. I smiled when i saw the title as my mom always said that. Holy Mackerel ! and Being raised in a french speaking family, friends always thought it was funny she would say such funny words. It is a saying that always stayed in the family even when my mom passed away so many years ago. xoxo

  7. A friend of mine just told me about your website. Thank you so much for the wonderful comments about my book, Holy Mackerel. I'm so glad that it made you laugh! With all best wishes, Babs Horton

  8. Fantastic read! I laughed till I ached. Best tonic on the market. Loved all Babs Horton books.


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