Monday, 2 June 2014

Cornish booty.....

Well I've had my photos from our hols put on discs to save space on my computer and haven't managed to sort through them all yet, so thought I would just show some of the bits and pieces I picked up at car boots and CS while we were there. Yes I know, aren't we sad, travelling over 300 miles to root about in other peoples rubbish!
I have to say we were amazed at how many CS there were. Every small town seemed to have 3 or 4 and they were the tidiest and best arranged shops I have been in anywhere.
Not a huge haul by any means as we were a bit restricted for space in the car with four suitcases, walking boots etc. but some nice bits all the same.......
Yet another Noddy, this time for my grandson to tempt him away from my much older ones!

Orange beads to add to my stash....have you ever tried to find yellow or navy big beads, it's as if they have all been spirited away. I look at every car boot and CS and I have only ever found one mustard yellow necklace which I wear all the time. I would love to make a bracelet and perhaps another necklace but just can't find the beads!

Another piece of Masons to display on my dresser

This little fella actually came from an Antique and bric a brac shop, isn't he so kitsch? Only cost a couple of pounds but I really love him. Not a true Cornish piskie, but he will be a lovely reminder of a fabulous holiday.

Another cute deer to add to Olive and Edna......

We have decided to move from Facebook to our own website, and are currently setting it up. We are also hoping to do a pop up shop in the next couple of months in a gorgeous local tea room if we can get it arranged. So if you are near to Lincolnshire, keep popping back for further updates.

While I am talking of this I am also looking for broken bits of vintage and modern jewellery to recycle. Odd earrings, pendants chains etc. so if anyone is having a clear out and wants to send them to a good home I will gladly accept them and try to use as many of them as possible in collage pieces.

I also found this.....

I believe it's barkcloth, though I realise it's the cotton equivalent of the original stuff. I am thinking of cushion covers and maybe small vintage style bags, but have not decided yet. The pretty pink flowered is two very narrow curtains and the more autumnal one is one large curtain. Plenty of fabric to play with. Is there anything I should know about laundering this? It is the first time I will have used it and I don't want to spoil it before I begin!
As I said not a great haul but some nice pieces.

I have also picked up a few bits locally since we returned home....

A really pretty pink bead necklace which I couldn't bear to break up, so have gifted it to a friend with a penchant for all things pink....

The most exquisite seed pearl brooch, which I believe to be from around the 30s or earlier as it has the old 'C' clasp. Again this is a keeper and I know I will love wearing it.

And finally this rhinestone button. Not sure if it has any age to it but it is so pretty and will add a bit of bling to one of my new necklaces.

Well that's about it for now, hope you are still awake, it turned out to be a bit of a marathon! Off to wind down with my latest Anne Cleeves book in the Vera Stanhope detective series. The stories are quite gripping and I am enjoying reading again, which I have not done for a little while.

Have a good week
                                                                            Jenny xx


  1. Hello Jenny, thank you for visiting my blog and your lovely comments. I dont know how I missed you in the blogosphere either! I am now your newest follower and am looking forward to reading more! Loving your finds by the way, part of the joy of holidaying in this country is scouring the CS and boot sales for someone else's 'treasures' isnt it?

  2. Now you've said it ... you're right, beads those colours were everywhere once but you never see them now.

  3. Will keep my eyes peeled for yellow and navy big beads whilst our car booting, you never know!
    Love the glittery button. I think the brown fabric would look great as a big shopper bag.
    Good luck with the pop up shop.
    Lisa x

  4. So many pretties, I adore the pearl brooch - beautiful! Have a great weekend.


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