Monday, 12 May 2014

Are you gown or PJs?.......

Well my sewing mojo is truly back and I have to say my friend Joan's oft said comment about over lockers (sergers), has proved very true. I always said I couldn't see much point to them when my machine did a pretty good imitation of an over lock stitch, but how wrong I was!
It's the time thing really. All that stitching, then trimming then stitching again. Now done in one swift operation. I feel like I've been on the Sewing Bee! Garments being completed in a couple of hours! I can see I will soon make headroom in this stash of mine
So this brings me nicely to the title of this post.
I am a PJ girl. I love to change out of my day wear and into a comfy pair of jammys in the evenings.  Of course I do like them stylish and that's the thing. I don't do satin, my poor rough old hands catch on anything too delicate and much as I think cartoons are lovely for children on the TV I don't want them emblazoned across my chest when I sleep. But you try and find anything else that doesn't cost a fortune.
So this weekend as well as making the toile for a dress for a little girl (long promised but rather delayed) and preparing the fabric for some roman blinds, I have whipped up some PJ bottoms from a free pattern printed off the Internet.

 Down to one and a half hours now! And they are in cotton and colours of my choosing,
Not quite ready to do the Tesco shop in them, but they are soooooo comfy!

How I love the neat finishing....

Are you a PJ girl or is it the full glamorous boudoir look for you? Do tell, I won't let on..........

And talking of neat finishing I think I have mentioned Angela Kane before, but if you haven't heard of her and you are just starting sewing go take a look at her site. 
She has a full subscription system, but by just registering you can download a couple of free printable patterns.
One of these is the sleeveless top from the Great British Sewing Bee. I have just downloaded this as well as the free sleeveless top  from Colette patterns. I have made up one and almost finished the other so I will do a pattern review next time.
Coming back to Angela Kane though, even as a fairly experienced sewer I have found her free video tutorials brilliant. I have learned so many little tips already and I am definitely going to enrol fully. She has patterns for a coat, dress, and some great looking jeans that I want to try. For the time being though I am off to finish that second top.....

Hope the weather where you are is a bit better than here, its chilly with some heavy rain showers. can't believe that only a week or so ago we were enjoying a few days basking in sunshine in the garden. Please keep your fingers crossed for me that it will pick up again soon as its not too long now before we have a little break in Cornwall and I would prefer to where something other than wellies and a mac!

Jenny xx


  1. I love, love my overlocker! I'm sure there are lots more things it can beside overlock and I recently sewed some rolled hems on mine and they were just fab! Loving the PJ's, I too am a PJ girl and have the fabric to make some but just haven't found the time. I will take a peek at the site you mentioned too, new tips are always handy xx

  2. Definition pjs! Mine are fleecy for winter and cotton in the summer. Is it too early to put them on now do you think? ;-) xx

  3. Oh to make your own PJs! They look lovely Jenny! I really like both. PJs in winter and gown in summer :-)

    Happy week ahead!

    Madelief x

  4. I'm a bit of a mix of styles... I generally wear black lounge bottoms and then I can have some fun with t-shirts, which are usually Victoria Secrets ones as I'm slightly narcissitic about my name being emblazoned on them!

    I do have a few pairs of satin pj's that I enjoy putting on when I've had a pamper session in the bath or the odd pretty style of nightie but I generally pop those on when I go to bed and keep the comfy loungewear for pottering around at home.


  5. Pjs for me, always! Always M&S and always blue!

  6. satin pjs with splodgy roses for winter....cotton pjs with splodgy peonnies for summer....and if it gets all southern-sultry-hot and steamy a cat-on-a-hot-tin-roof slip nighty!!

  7. PJ's for me.
    I don't sew but my dad did and he always used an overlocker, he learnt from his mum, she could do anything!
    Lisa x


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