Monday, 7 October 2013


The bedroom that is.

I say almost because I still have to make the main curtains and have yet to find some interlining. The big bay window is only single glazed and although we now have blinds which have been fine during the summer months, the windows can be really draughty and cold in winter and so I want to make the curtains pretty substantial, without having to pay out a fortune for them.

Window seat before its new top....

and after..... we decided against another padded seat cushion as it gets the full sun in the morning and the old one faded in no time!

roman blinds recycled from old dining room curtains.....

 I also have to source the backing for the métis linen sheet which I want to make into a throw. I am looking at another toile and can't make up my mind whether to go for a pink or perhaps a natural/ taupe colourway of this little cushion... I want to back it and create a 6 inch border all round .

Finally I have to finish the crocheted  granny puff blanket from the Granny Chic book......

The colour is nearer the second it does go with the scheme really!

However I can see this becoming my winter fireside project as at 7 foot by 7 foot it's going to take me some time to complete it. Still it will keep my legs warm while I'm at it. I see all these lovely blogs where talented ladies are turning out throws in what seems no time and I am in awe!
Still at least we are now back in our room and it is so restful and calm. I am so glad we were brave enough to paint the bed

When we bought it 30 years ago pine was very much the thing, but it looks so pretty now and with the pale walls it has really lifted the whole room. I painted it with simple old emulsion, sanded it back and then waxed it with a medium brown briwax to age it especially in the details and corners. I am more than happy with the result.

It's become my little sanctuary, I often sit in the Lloyd loom chair and read......but then I get itchy and off I trot back to the sewing room, which is just as well if I am ever going to completely finish this project!

Have a lovely week whatever you are working on......

Jenny xx


  1. Your bedroom makeover looks lovely. You have done a good job! It was a brave move to paint the bed but it looks a solid quality piece which looks gorgeous with its makeover xx

  2. Oh thank you. Even though I love it it's always good to know what others think! (Especially if they seem to like it too)

  3. The room looks lovely, elegant and homely at the same time. Nice work on those window blinds, I like the combination of pattern with the stripes.

    1. Thank you. It was more a case of being economical with the fabric I had but I was very pleased with how they turned out.

  4. Hi Jenny
    It's a beautiful room!....very envious
    We are just about to do our room and thinking of similar colours as they seem so restful....
    have fun with the'll look beautiful I know it will!
    Tilly x

  5. Thanks Tilly, I do think the colour combination makes the room and it was mainly inspired by the French General book, which I mentioned in a previous post. I am determined to finish the throw but I think it will be slow going!

  6. You are right, Jenny, I did fall off of your Follower list but I'm back on and so glad I was able to see the changes you have made in your bedroom. Beautiful! The Roman blinds are so pretty, those could not have been easy to make...I don't even know how to hang them! ;-D I also love how you've painted the bed, very pretty! Your room looks spacious and cozy at once. Well done!


  7. Hi Jenny. Thank you for my happy birthday wishes yesterday...I felt so special having so many lovely messages. I love how things are going for you...the blinds are gorgeous. Interlined curtains!....rather you than me. I did some once and I swore never again. What a labour of love to hand stitch all the way down to attach it to the main fabric....these were really big heavy ones to do too.
    A x #62


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